Monday, May 13, 2013

The Countdown Begins and my Momma's Day

It’s killer week…. The show is in 12 days. This week I’m hitting it hard in the gym. Well, that’s no different, I guess. I’ve been hitting it hard. But, 12 days. Only one Saturday in-between. I know this is a big commitment, but I want to try to blog every day. It might not be much. Maybe a line or 2 just to check in and let you know how I’m doing/feeling. This week is a busy week if we can actually get some baseball games in. It’s a busy week at work as well. And, Dale leaves for the State Track Meet on Thursday, so solo-parenting it is for me! Yay – ha!

Speaking of, I’m so happy for Dale. He had a small team this year, but a great group of kids. They ended up qualifying 6 kids for State for 4 events. When the 4x1 team found out they qualified they were so excited. One of them was standing my Dale and the other coach when they delivered the news… priceless moment right there. They were so happy. I’m glad I caught a glimpse of that moment. My husband is an awesome coach. I felt you should know. Track State is a pretty special time and one the athletes won’t forget. So proud of them!  They love our boys too.

Mother’s day – I felt loved and appreciated. How a 4 and 6 year old know it is important to make me feel loved blows my mind. They were bringing me “flowers” all day. Waylon came in with some dandelions and some of my mom’s tiger lilies later. So sweet those boys! Dale had to work. That’s what happens when you start your own little business. You have to make sacrifices. I wish I could have helped him, but I had my hands too full. We all had a great lunch together and then went to do our own thing. I missed him, but I was ok with it.

Yes, he looks like me!

I started my day with an outstanding run. I was supposed to do a 15k race, but who can find an actual race at that distance? Not around here. So, I decided it would be my own little race. I ditched my water bottle and GU in my driveway because it would turn out to be my half way point. I ran my hilly 4 mile route as the sun came up. I’ve fallen in love with that way. I got up the steeper hills chanting “plump that bootay” I crack myself up. I added a little extra to it because of the distance I needed for the day. I said hi to the cows and I was feeling great. I got back to my driveway and jogged for a little bit so I could eat my GU and then drink some water I took a picture too.

4.88 miles down

 This was my slowest mile, as expected. I ditched my water bottle again as I headed into town. Holding the water bottle when I run just means long and slow to my mind and I wasn’t in the mood to run long and slow. My legs were feeling so good I decided to go with how I was feeling and not really hold anything back worrying about having enough left for the miles ahead of me. I didn’t get anything in on Saturday other than being on my feet the whole day, so I had a lot of stress and frustration around having 2 rest days in the week. Plus, my eating and water intake on Saturday was poor!!! I didn’t eat enough and I didn’t drink enough. I feared Sunday’s run because of that.

As I headed into town I decided to take the routes I liked the best. That worked out well. I saved the cemetery for my last couple of miles. I thought maybe I wouldn’t have the emotional breakdown if it was in my later miles instead of close to the middle. Worked like a charm! I ran up the hill with a smile on my face and I ran through there feeling awesome. Somewhere along the way I muted my app which usually tells me my mileage and my pace every mile, but he shut his mouth long ago so I didn’t know where exactly I was or how my pace was going. Instead of stopping to try to figure it out I told myself I feel good, just go with how well you feel. Don’t worry about the pace. BEST.DECSION.EEEEVVVVEEEERRRRRRRR! I tried to check it coming out of the cemetery and I was around 8 miles. I had 2 miles at the least to get back to the house.

So homeward I went. The good feeling just wasn’t going away. I really couldn’t get over the way I was feeling and I knew my pace was good just by my form. The last hill before the bridge usually has me running like I’m pushing a walker with a broken hip or something, but I flew up it Sunday. I had to stop and get my hidden water bottle in which it hurt to not be moving and back up I went. Down shifted, I had about 800 meters left. Homestretch, literally. I found myself sprinting to my driveway. Felt so stinkin good!!! I did not tell myself one negative thing or doubt myself the entire run. The last 4 or so miles I was chanting Strong Legs, Strong Mind, Strong Core and going through my favorite running verse, Isaiah 40:31.

I stopped my app and was beside myself when I saw that I had just completed 10.34 miles at a 8:26 pace. That may not sound fast to some, but I’m only running twice a week. I’m not in full blown half marathon training and I’m running better than I did at my peak last year.

Mile 1 – 8:46 – It was 36 degrees and dark
Mile 2 – 8:30
Mile 3 – 8:45
Mile 4 – 8:16 – up the longest and most hated hill. The kind of hill you forget you are even going uphill except for how your body is completely bogged down. It seems flat when your feet are moving. Long incline – those are the killers!!!
Mile 5 – 9:24 – drink, GU, picture
Mile 6 – 8:30
Mile 7 – 8:30
Mile 8 – 8:04
Mile 9 – 8:27
Mile 10 – 8:01

I got my Maddox and stretched in my favorite spot and then headed in to hug 4 jammie wearing sleepy heads (my nephew spent the night). A great start to Mother’s Day. I was feeling it later. I was a little more tired than I expected through church and got cranky because I was hungry right after, but all things that were fixable. I ate a nice big plate of chicken, shrimp, and rice and headed out to celebrate my momma.

Throughout the day my left foot/ankle was hurting. I think it was just tired. It feels a lot better today. I’m not worried about it at this point. I’ve had the same pain in my heel last year, but it isn’t anything worth quitting for.

We stayed too late at my parents and it was loads and loads of laundry to fold and 3 really dirty boys to get showered up and in bed once I got home. As I was getting Wyatt’s bag ready for today I found a Mother’s Day card he had forgotten to give me. I took it back to him and asked why he didn’t tell me about it. He got a really familiar embarrassed smile on his face and said, “That picture… oh my Gosh, it is so stupid. I didn’t want to do that, but teacher made me. So dumb.” As he shook his head.

I laughed hysterically and could NOT get over how much of his personality is just like his daddy’s. He would look at the picture and just shake his head and laugh. I love him. I love that sweet middle one too. And that little one that makes me earn every single bit of this title of Mommy!

Hope you all had a good one too. I’ll check in tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a great one!


  2. Congrats on an awesome run, Tayarra!! Clearly, all your strength training is helping you get faster. As a runner, I know that I should do more strength training and just seeing your times get faster even though you aren't focused on running is an inspiration.

    Only 12 more days?! Woohoo! I can't wait to see all your pics on stage as you strut your stuff. You have worked so hard for this! xo

    1. Thanks, Kristin. Getting so close. I'm ready! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Oh, and Happy Mother's Day!! Your boys are adorable and I'm glad they took such good care of you. :)

  4. Wow- the countdown is ON!!! I thought of you today when I chose a banana over a donut. I thought- I KNOW what Tayarra would do! Lol!

    And love the Mother's Day pics. Nothing sweeter than boys giving their mama flowers! :-)

    1. LOL! Good job, girl! How is your strength training going??

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