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What's D-Day? 

I have determined that Wednesday is D-Day. A day dedicated to my husband because I am far from giving him enough credit. Dale means the world to me. Losing him would really take part of me away.  I don't tell him or even make him feel like that is the way I think of him.  He is my world, but I am too quick to tear him down or treat him like a child.  I am working on that.  Lately I have tried my hardest to tell myself that he is not my enemy, but my partner in this life.  My best friend.  He deserves to be treated that way. 

So this is my little attempt to get out of my own head and focus on him.  Each week as this day passes I will give you a little insight on what I appreciate about my Dalie Do. (Don't ever call him that!) And remind myself why I fell in love with him and continue to love him today. 

Why Wednesday?  I picked Wednesday because it is the middle of the week, I am tired, and I usually take it out on him the most when I am in this frame of mind.  So, when I want to give up and just take my frustrations out on him, I am going to post a D-Day post and remind myself that it isn't about me.

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