Thursday, October 8, 2009

Waylon's birth story

Waylon came into this world much differently than his brother. For now, his personality seems to mimic his birth experience too. It might be too soon to tell.

The doctor said she would like to induce me so I don't have to worry about having this baby on the highway on the way to the hospital. I went to my weekly appointments and again, could of sworn I would have him before she wanted to schedule the induction. So, I went to each weekly appointment, the 1st, I was dilated to a 1, 2nd, a 2 and the 3rd, I actually made it to a 3, but no active labor for a week after that. I am really glad and I know lucky that I progress like this with no pain. Thank God! So, it was on a Wednesday (Wyatt was also born on a Wednesday) I, again, was up early getting ready to leave for our stay at the hospital. I was having some contractions on and off, but nothing consistent or painful. We arrived at the hospital, nice and calmly and I forgot to mention that DALE was the one driving me to the hospital! We got settled in our room and the pitocin began. I was already registering some pretty hefty contractions on the monitor by myself so she didn't turn the meds on too high and eventually turned them down, I really wish she wouldn't have done that!

We arrived at the hospital around 7am. I thought I would have had Waylon by 10am. That wasn't the case. My mom came and met us and we all just hung out watching tv. I hadn't decided if I wanted an epidural or not, but as soon as the pain set in, I quickly made up my mind. So after the epidural, more watching and more waiting and even a NAP! I really was beside myself thinking of the difference in this experience compared to Wyatt's. I was so anxious to see Waylon's face.

As you may know we had gone through the experience of a miscarriage, so being able to see him and hold him was something I was dying for. Also, when we had our 20 week appointment to find out what we were having, we were also told that he had a bright spot in his heart in the ultrasound. Talk about being crushed once again. We were on top of the world to find out we were having another boy and then the doctor broke the news. It was a "soft" sign of Down's. It meant that there was a higher chance that we could have a baby with Down's Syndrome. That was heart breaking. We went in for a special ultrasound the next week and that doctor said it really doesn't mean anything and the chances go up, but not way up and it was no guarantee that he would have Down's. Everything else about him was perfect and healthy. I never had a feeling that anything was wrong, my mommy instinct didn't confirm any of this news. I felt like he was ok, but in the back of my mind, I kept hearing that news. I worked with Down Syndrome kids in the past, I LOVED them, but no one wants that for their own baby.

Back to the birth story - We waited and waited, I was checked and progressing every time. My water was broke and we still waited! It was 3:00pm and I was getting a little impatient!!! Finally the nurse came in and said I was ready. I did some pushing, with Dale at my head and Waylon made his arrival. He was P.E.R.F.E.C.T! I couldn't wait to see his face and I will never forgot the first time they put his messy body on my chest. He really was perfect and I physically let out a sigh of relief! Dale and I soaked in the moment and were so happy that he was here. After the dust settled a little Dale asked, does he have Down's? I thankfully reassured him that he didn't and he was as perfect as he could be.
Waylon has been such a blessing to our family. He has brought a side of Wyatt out that I was waiting to see. He is nurturing and loves his little brother so much. He loves to play with him and loves to have him around. I have completely fallen in love with Waylon. I could be extremely stressed out and I could glance over at him looking at me with the most indescribable look. Almost like he was saying, "I know your stressed, mom, but I love you and things are going to be ok." We have connected in such a great way.

He is completely different from his brother. He is laid back, doesn't really care about a lot of things as long as I am in his sight and he has got something to play with. He doesn't like being kissed and hugged, which has been hard for me, but he LOVES to be tickled and wrestled around. He is his happiest when he gets to play rough with his brother. I have enjoyed this time in my life so much. Even though it is extremely difficult and busy at times, I wouldn't trade it for the world. We are truly blessed to have these 2 amazing boys in our lives.

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