Friday, June 21, 2013

More Newness!

I woke up this morning feeling excited and fresh even though my hours of sleep were limited because of my own dumb decisions. When you like to sleep so much why in the world would you keep putting it off to get just a few more things done or read one more facebook post, comment one more time, etc. Why can’t I get my butt in bed sooner?! I have to start getting better at that!

Anyway, I posted on facebook last night about Femfessionals. I’m not a sales girl. I tried to think I could jump out of my little box and attempt it with a direct sales sort of company awhile back and quickly found that it wasn’t for me. Femfessionals is completely different for me. As you know, if you’ve been reading and following a while, I have a passion for living my best life (it even kind of annoyed me to type it because I feel like I type it all of the time) and I love to share and encourage others to do the same thing because the feeling I get from that shouldn’t be kept to myself. Everyone should feel this way about life, EVERYONE!!! I’m not the only one with this passion. Femfessionals is all about that. It’s a company of women (I love men, too) that moved on the desire to get women together, let them learn from one another, and then promote each other like crazy.
Think about it, when you are in need of something, let’s say you need to get your hair and makeup done for a fitness show. What is the first thing you do? You think about other people who do that type of work. If you think of them you call them up and ask them if they are available and willing. Maybe they are booked and can’t help you out. What do you do next? You ask them or other friends if they know anyone that could help you out. Then they say, “Yeah, I know Traci and she has a best friend who does makeup. She’s got a really good friend that designs posing suits, too. I also have a friend who just retired and is getting rid of her theme wear." Before you know it you are completely prepared for your fitness show (hopefully the muscles are there too) in a day because of 1 phone call and 1 friend who hooked you up with other friends to get you what you needed. And there lies the beauty of Femfessionals. It is a network of women out there trying to get their brand out and offering services to others.
We will meet monthly for social events or to listen to some great speakers talk about how they became successful and share any tips they have. Quarterly we will have workshops to improve our skills as women in the world. This goes beyond the office. This will enrich us in our everyday lives.
My mind is going crazy with ideas and I have one in the works already to launch us. Actually, I have 11 ideas, which just about plans the whole year. That’s how excited I am for this. You’re not a career women that commutes into the office every day? This is still for you. You can take advantage of every one of these sessions. You have a ton to offer to this group as well. This is the launch of Femfessionals in the KC area and YOU have a chance to get in on it from the beginning and help it grow to the potential it has and beyond. If you are a part of the Journey To The Best Me group on facebook, you know how important and how enriching a group like that is in your life. This is that on steroids – super-duper steroids! Like, if you took these steroids you would look like the Incredible Hulk kind of steroids! (Don’t take steroids unless medically necessary) This could open doors for you that you had no idea even existed. I don’t know if I should post the ideas that are running in my head, but I will anyway just so you can get a taste of what I’m thinking. These are chicken scratch ideas. I have speakers/presenters in mind for almost all of these already.  They may change over time or they may not happen at all, but these are the types of things I’m thinking:
  1. Self-defense workshop
  2. Make-up/Hair
  3. Mountains ahead - What's it like after the climb - a message of survival
  4. Dress for success
  5. Photography
  6. Self-love/confidence
  7. Fitness
  8. Healthy eating and why it’s important
  9. Stepping out of your box
  10. Public Relations
  11. Social Networking/Communications/Marketing
  12. Preparing for next steps – geared more toward our younger crowd.
Ok, I lied, that’s 12 – my year is planned! Another thing that REALLY excites me is how they are starting to focus on college and high school aged ladies. Just think back to where you were as a person in those years. You had the world right in front of you and you are stuck in an odd and a bit uncomfortable place. What are you going to do with your life? What job are you going to get? What major should you pick? How do you step into your career without feeling all NKOTB? (New kid on the block) This is designed to give you a stepping stone. To help you develop a network of women who know women who know women who know women that just might lead to your dream job or to a place where you can express the passions of your life.
So what’s the catch? Chomp onto this big juicy steak - To become a Femfessional member the cost is $100 FOR. A. YEAR as an individual and $240 for a year if you register as a group of 3. The monthly events will be around $30 to $40 depending on the venue and whether there is a meal or not. It also depends on what speakers/experts are featured. As a member you get discounts to the events. BUT…. IN THE MONTH OF JUNE YOU GET A 20% DISCOUNT AND YOU ARE A MEMBER FOR LIFE!!!! FOR LIFE! Hurry up and go register because there is only a week of June left! I think you all could afford $80 for a lifetime membership. This is extremely cheap advertising for you and if you aren’t out there to promote your brand then take advantage of becoming a lifelong member and receiving big discounts on the sessions! You never know when you are going to need somebody for something. Here is a copy of benefits as a member right from their website.
Femfessionals Member Benefits

• Connect and establish authentic business connections
• Pink Pages Directory Member Only Listing {Founding Member/Member Icon, three tier search option, i.e. FemCity, Name or Industry & viewable by Public}
• Femfessionals Membership Welcome {Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest}
• FemCity Membership Welcome {Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest}
• Live Member Activity Feed {Upcoming Events, FemTweets & Member Activities}
• Member Endorsements {there is no better endorsement of a business than by those who know you best}
• MyFemCity Blog {complimentary promotional listing and recognition of submission}
• Member discounted rates for advertising and events
• Invites to exclusive Member-only events
• Preference for all Femfessionals events
• Attend any FemCity event as a Member
• Promotion & event posts on facebook fan page
• Event listing on Social Calendar
• Right to submit photos to FemCity Around Town Gallery
• Gallery Photo Tagging
The Pink Collar Fem Member Benefits

• Ask industry experts your business questions
• Post deals and promotions
• Become a PC business partner
• Post job openings
• Submit to be writer for Femfessionals {Pink Ink Contributor}
• Featured in Stay Connected {Members in the News}
• COMING SOON:: Fem Services!
• Individual
o $100 Annual Fee
The annual membership includes 1 individual. Perfect for any professional woman that wants to be a part of the Femfessionals community and promote her business and brand.
• Group
o $240 Annual Fee
The annual membership covers 3 individuals. Each individual will have her own individual profile and receive the same benefits as the individual members. Perfect for a company, group of friends or colleagues that want to be a part of the Femfessionals network, promote their businesses and brands and receive a group discount.
• Collegiate Membership
o $50 Annual Fee
The annual membership includes 1 individual. Perfect for women in college preparing to enter the business world. Collegiate FEMS creates platforms and resources:: interviewing tips, proper business etiquette, making connections, community engagement, workshops and mentoring are all major components of this innovative program. Enter Promo Code COLLEGE for the college rate.
• Non-Profit Discount
o $90 Annual Fee
A non-profit discount of 10% can be applied to the individual membership rate{except when offered at a discount}. Proof of 501 3c status is required.
I’m really excited about this. It is a completely different feeling. I’m excited to use my passion for a higher purpose and I’m excited to get the networking going. I will be getting my board of directors together in the next few weeks and planning our first event. Look for us on all the social network sites as I work toward that (I still have a very good day job that I plan to keep and those little boys to take care of) and run over to and click on JOIN NOW to receive the discount you will need to enter LAUNCH for the discount and lifetime membership! If you have any questions or any ideas please let me hear them.

Just as an FYI, when this was first presented to me I had no idea what Femfessionals was. It took me reading through their website and discovering what they were all about and a lot of questions to Yahu to understand just what it all means. What I have learned is that this is an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. This opens so many doors for me and allows me to really step out of my comfort zone willingly and into something that could be extremely huge in someone else’s life just because I decided to follow my passions and let some light shine on that darker corner of my path. Someone believed in me, which gave me just the push I needed to believe in myself. Welcome Femfessionals to KC!

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  1. This is very intriguing, Tayarra! You mention that people who aren't necessarily "professionals" could benefit from this...can you elaborate on that at all? I'm wondering how I would fit in, in other words. :)



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