Best of

This page is a quick place to give you links to some of my favorite posts over time. 

Here I describe how and why I don't like to be referred to as a women. It's pretty funny.  If you are an aging "women" you better relate!

This is how I announced the news of our surprise baby boy.

OMG...this one speaks for itself!

A life reflection nearing my 30th birthday.

Just a small list of emails from the hubs showcasing why I love him so.

In the link below I talk about my childhood insecurities and how I became me, I share a glimpse of what I want my marriage to be in our silver years, get candidly honest about how I reacted one night when the hubs requested a nightcap, and show a cute little video of Wyatt changing Waylon's diaper back in the day.  There are a couple of bonuses thrown in as well.

Enjoy!  I hope you come back for more!


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