Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ripples In The Tummy - How To

I woke up exhausted. This week like the weeks previous has been crazy. There really isn’t a break in sight. I’m tired. I can feel my mind getting weak. Weaker moments are slipping in as far as doubts, abilities, just negative stuff. I realize it is my choice to pull it all together and make it happen. Things are getting harder. It is harder to balance. It is harder to have a positive attitude. Our days are packed with things to do right now. It is just an all-around busy time of year for us and packing 2 huge goals on top of that makes the chaos almost unbearable. My mind is playing tricks on me as we are coming down to seeing the light and the finish line. I have a choice to kick or give in. I have to find yet another gear. Kicking used to be one of my specialties!
This weekend's running schedule was tough.  A 5k race for KC Corporate Challenge, which I actually pushed and my 10.88 miles on Sunday before church, which I felt every bit of. I may or may not have cried running through the cemetery again.  Like an ugly cry that I would be embarrassed of if anyone actually saw me.  Hopefully that car I passed at the stop sign didn't notice the tears running down my cheeks.  Tuesday was my rest day this week and that is just too long ago for me. I just need to breathe. Do the best I can and breathe! We will get there. I WILL do this! I CAN do this!

Week by week, day by day, hour by hour, I’m going to get there. I’m just going to breathe!

So, I’ve had a TON of questions about what I’m doing for abs. First of all, abs and my rear end/upper hamstring have been my slowest to respond and my trouble areas. That is where my fat goes. I didn’t seriously start training abs every day until a couple of weeks ago when I got frustrated at the slowness of their progress. I took it upon myself to do every ab exercise I could think of pumping out about 500 plus abs exercises. It was killer and I think jump started things. Then my sister set a plan for me to do something every night with abs. Because they are made up of so many muscles you can work them every day if you choose to. I’ve asked for her blessing in sharing this information. She was all about letting the cat out of the bag. It’s all about helping our fellow men and women get to their best selves, right?!

Here we go. Take notes, come back here and read often, etc. If you want to do this I highly recommend taking some before and after pictures. You will love to see your progress. Let me tell you though, this is a complete package deal. Don’t expect to keep eating all the same crap you may be eating (if you are on the unhealthier side of a diet) and not work your body out in other areas and see results. All of these things work together. Ladies, lifting weights affects a lot of areas of your body. If you are standing up right curling you should be able to feel some of that in your abs because they should be tight to keep you stable. Lunges? You are using your core to stabilize your lunge down and bring that knee forward to take your next step. It all works together.

Here are some pics of before I started ripping on my abs. 

Those 2 are purely running and yoga and that was after completing P90x as well.  A thing to remember is the look of your abs could change day by day or actually from morning to night.  Don't get discouraged with yourselves.  So many factors play a role in your tummy area.  Food, stress, posture, etc.  Do your best at controlling all of those factors.  If you slip up, try harder the next day.

So, what I'm doing? 

During my workout Tionna usually has me doing some sort of ab workout mixed in with whatever muscle group we are working.  Usually something like hanging leg raises, knees up, or double crunches with a weighted ball.   Later in the night I will take time before bed or when I can get it in to do more.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday I try to do cross body moves to help define the line down the middle of my core.  Tuesday and Thursday I do straight on abs, crunches, heels to the heavens, etc. Saturday and Sunday I do whatever I feel like doing with abs. 

I don't have pictures of all of them but if you have questions just ask away.  I will try to explain the ones I do have pictures for. 

This first one is pure awesomeness and totally hard.  I felt really accomplished when I finally got this one.  Note:  you may fall, you may lose your balance, you may get really frustrated with how badly your body is shaking.  Breathe, control, push on until you get it.  You WILL get it. 

Start out as shown here

Tuck knees

Extend back out to plank and raise up as much as you can.  Really use those core muscles to get you up there.  You want your back straight as if it is up against a wall.  If you aren't there yet, keep trying. 

10 reps - 3 to 4 sets


There are 3 exercises in this set.  Do 20 on each before you switch to the next exercise.  So, you will do a total of 60 with your right arm, left leg before you switch to do 60 with your left arm, right leg through all 3 exercises.  
1.  Rested knee/opposite elbow  (20)
2.  Extend knee - bring it in to meet opposite elbow  (20)
3.  Straight leg raised - arm extended to meet opposite foot  (20)

Rest, Switch arms and legs, Repeat above!
You want to do 3 or 4 sets of these.

#1 - Start with your leg on your knee and your opposite elbow needs to meet your rested knee

20 reps

#2 - Extend your leg then bring it in to your opposite elbow

#3 - Straighten your leg and bring it up to meet your extended opposite arm
When you are down your leg should only be inches off of the ground as well as your arm raised over your head only inches off of the groung.  Bring it all up to meet in the middle and squeeze!

Go take ridiculous amounts of pictures of yourself in the mirror because your abs be poppin!

Another one I do, I think she calls it Bird Dog or something. 

Start on your hands and knees.
Ball up - Bring your left arm in to meet your right knee
So, your knee and elbow should be meeting around your belly button. 
Extend your arm and leg and REACH as far as you possibly can.  Squeeze that butt and reach with those fingers. 
Do 15 to 20 with right arm/left leg
Then switch and do 15 to 20 with left arm/right leg

Make sure you reach and squeeze
Squeeze when you are balled up and squeeze when you are extended.
3 to 4 sets of those, too.

Take a lot of pictures so you have proof you are making progress when you doubt yourself.

BAM!  Rock it, ladies!  Work it, sweat, keep trying and some day you will wake up and not have to try every position achieveable to see one little ripple including coughing or leaning as far back as possible.  Don't act like you've never done it!  You will wake up, lift your shirt and say, "YES!"

Sometimes I forget I have them.  I get to doubting myself and feeling like I'm not good enough to step up on that stage with these girls that have been going through the same things.  Then I lift my shirt and tell myself I'm going to be ready.  I'm so close.  I still have some issues with my lower core muscles.  I'm still working on those hard.  I also need to shape up my lower back muscles and my lower butt/hip area.  I know I am in awesome shape, probably the best of my life, but I have a stage to walk onto nearly naked, so I need a little more work. 3 weeks out, actually a little less than that as far as exercise.  I'm so ready to get this going.  Here we go....

Let me know if you all have any questions.  Go thank T for the awesome info!  Better yet, go hire her!  She will whip you right into shape!


  1. If you EVER feel alone, dont!! I relate to everything you just said!! Have fun and thank you

  2. WOW! All I can say! I so admire your hard work and dedication! I am VERY excited for you! I appreciate all the little tips you've given.

  3. You an inspiration and you seriousally ROCK! Thanks for posting I just may start this tonight!! :)

  4. Thanks for posting!! I will definitely try to incorporate this into my week! And I totally get the tired and overwhelmed thing...some days I don't know if I'm coming or going! But somehow at the end of the day, we manage to make it through. Keep on plugging away girlfriend!!

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