Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wyatt's birth story

So Wyatt's birth story is an interesting one. He is our 1st born son. I'll start a week before he came. Dale was off to Track state for the high school team. I was a little freaked out because it was like a 2 or 3 hour drive home if I happened to go into labor. The day we left, I had a doctor's appointment, you know the weekly ones where they check you) well, I was dilated at a 2. After the doctor's appointment we went to grab something to eat. It was hard for me to walk because of the pain I was in after being checked. That enhanced my fear of Dale leaving, but he went on his way anyway.

I got to feeling better as the day went on. I headed to Target that night to return some duplicate shower items and get some more last minute things. I was in the return line, which is always a mile longer when you aren't feeling your best, and I really started feeling awful. I could have sworn I would of had the baby that night. I also lost something that night once I got home that freaked me out even more. (I will leave that to your imagination, but if you have had a child you know what I am talking about, hopefully)

The next morning I felt a lot better and a little disappointed that this wasn't all over with, but glad that Wyatt held out for the weekend. The next week comes, Memorial day weekend. I left work on Friday swearing I wouldn't be back on Tuesday. You might guess my disappointment when I had to show up and sit at my desk all day that next Tuesday, mind you his due date wasn't until June 12th - 2 and 1/2 weeks away. What was I thinking! Well, I wasn't completely ignorant, Tuesday night I felt pretty well, but crampy. I headed to bed early because I just didn't feel well. I couldn't get any sleep because I had THE WORST headache of my life and couldn't do anything to make it go away.

At 3 in the morning I decided to take a hot bath to try to relax and get rid of this headache. It helped some, but not much. I finally drifted off to sleep in the living room chair at about 5:30. At 6, the alarm went off and I had to go get Dale out of bed for his big interview for the new school he would be teaching at the next year, we hoped. Once I got him up, I laid in bed and not too long after that the contractions started. I was really scared that I wouldn't know what a contraction was. I knew as soon as they came on - 10 minutes apart and HEAVY. I didn't say a thing to Dale because I didn't want to ruin his interview. By the time he was ready to leave, not 30 minutes later, I was in the bathroom getting sick to my stomach, over and over and over again. He came to the door to tell me bye, I still kept my mouth shut, again, what was I thinking.

Well, I thought I would be in labor all day long and he could come back and we could go to the hospital and everything would be fine. HA! About 10 minutes after he left, I tried to get a hold of my mom, Dale's sister, and his grandma. Dale's sister came right away. I couldn't even keep track of the contractions. My mom was on her way, but soon called to say her battery was dead in her car, so Dale's sister ran over there as fast as possible to get her. There was another 30 minutes.

When my mom arrived, she freaked. I was too far along for her to make it to the hospital safely. She called an ambulance, they came to the house and decided to have a casual conversation with me about not really wanting to take me because I would be in labor all day and it was a little too soon. I couldn't even answer their questions because of the amount of pain I was in. That was extremely frustrating! I finally told them to leave and demanded my mom get in the car and take me to the hospital. I hardly talked the way there as my mom drove 90 with her flashers on, not kidding!!! The only thing I remember saying is, "I AM GETTING AN EPIDURAL!"

We finally arrived at the hospital, I needed help out of the car -too many contractions, onto the elevator - too many contractions, signing in - too many contractions, changing into a gown - too many contractions. All the while we and everyone else we knew was trying to get a hold of Dale. I finally got onto the bed to be checked, I was at an 8, which was a huge surprise to the nurse. My response, "So, I can't have an epidural?" She said she would try, but who was she kidding! She wanted me to move to the other bed to be moved into my room, guess what, too many contractions. They finally just grabbed the sheets and pulled me over. Once I got into my room, I was checked again - I was at a 10 and ready to go! My mom went to get the camera from the car and my mother-in-law showed up. Still, no Dale. While everyone seemed to vacate the room, I couldn't help but have the enormous urge to push and couldn't hold it off. The nurse came back in, asked if the father was involved and if he would be there. I told her I hoped so! Soon after that she told me that she was waiting for the doctor to come in and that we were going to have this baby. Mom made it just in time with the camera.

I pushed about 5 times and Wyatt was here with us peeing on everyone around! That's my boy! I heard someone come in the room and say the epidural was ready sometime in the process, UGH! That would have been nice to have! They did give me something in my IV but it didn't kick in until I was getting stitched up while trying to control my out of control shaking legs! Dale called right after they got done cleaning Wyatt up. He was in his little crib being warmed up. He was having a little trouble getting warm. Mom took the phone and said, "Say hi to your little boy" He didn't believe her. She handed the phone to me and he asked WHAT I WAS DOING!!! Can you believe that! I told him I just got done having your baby BY - MY - SELF! He had a really hard time believing me! So, finally he arrived and met our dream come true and it was a moment I had been waiting for for so long!

Wyatt came into this world with all indication of the little person he is; on his time, waiting for no one, his way - at least that is how he is now 3 years later. Hopefully he will lighten up some : )! So 4 hours of active labor on my 1st child, what did those EMT's know! Needless to say, Dale got the job and still works there today. I am very proud of the fact that I have a NATURAL childbirth under my belt even if it wasn't by choice and no, I don't plan on doing that again! But, I can say that I have experienced it and it does feel like a HUGE victory.

Wyatt is such a light in our lives for so many reasons. I am so proud of the person he is even in his worst moments. He isn't some ordinary boy. He is so caring and loving and loves to cuddle and give us kisses and hugs. My favorite thing he does is randomly tells me and Dale that he loves us out of the clear blue and does it frequently and with the sweetest most heartfelt voice you can imagine! I hope he never gives that up. He is also such a great big brother! More on his brother later...

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  1. I got chills when I read you were at an 8! I knew you weren't getting an epidural then! Sheesh - that was an action packed story!



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