Monday, October 5, 2009

Our weekend

Our weekend started early Saturday morning. We got up, got the kids ready and headed down to Dale's mom and dad's to drop them off. Once they were passed off, Dale and I headed to St. Louis for an exciting weekend of celebrating one of my best friend's from childhood's wedding. The drive was nice and went pretty smoothly, then we hit St. Louis. There was a lot of traffic. Have you ever had one of those times where you really wish a cop would be sitting around the corner waiting for this jerk that came onto the highway and swerved through 3 lanes of traffic? Well, it finally happened. He got caught and we got to see justice for once!!! Anyway, back to the weekend excitment. I am just going to cut it short and say we had a couple of hickups when we first arrived at the hotel until the wedding started. But, the wedding got started, the church was beautiful and so were my lovely friends! Angela looked perfect! The ceremony was nice and then we all headed to kill some time before the reception. Dale and I went to get a bite to eat and enjoyed actually having some time to ourselves. That doesn't happen often. We all had a great time catching up and creating new memories at the reception. Here are a few pictures...
Ang and her father - told you she was gorgeous!
The newly happy couple!

Amanda and Mark
Christen and Vic
Dale and T
Cherryh, David and Lincoln - Lincoln is hiding in Cherryh's belly until around Christmas!
The happy bride and me!
The girls! We had a blast!

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