Monday, April 18, 2011

A series of diaper changing events...

"Hi widdle brudder.  Are you full of smiles?"
"Coo, Squeak!" 

 "Um, Nae Nae, what is happening here.  You're not going to let him change my diaper are you?  I don't think I'm ok with this!"

 "Um, I'm definitely NOT OK WITH THIS!"  "This is not happening! This is not happening!"

 "Oh, that's cold!  I don't like it."  "It's so cold I can't even use that pee in your face trick."

"Whew!  We made it, but that IS NOT happening again, Mom!"

Check out another one of Wyatt's diaper changing episodes here.  Wow, Waylon was a chunk and Wyatt was so small!


  1. Awww! So cute!!

  2. WOW! B wouldn't even touch one of A's bottles, let alone be in the room when she was being changed. Wyatt is such a cutie with his little brothers.

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