Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I got a new (new to me) camera and I can't stop taking pictures even more so.  I have a lot to learn, but I'm having fun practicing. 

My all time favorite season is Spring.  I've captured these images that scream Spring and are evidence of my love!  Beautiful! 

Spring to me is all things new and refreshed.  Who doesn't need that in their lives after and long dormant Winter!  Spring gives us hope and something to look forward to.  I just love it!

 Mom's blooming Peach Tree - Pond in background

Mom's blooming Red Bud with a little visitor

More of the Red Bud.  I love seeing their purple blooms in the sea of newly greened trees!

Yard work with Pa Pa and Nae Nae.  A full pond and budding trees.

Baseball.  I know I have posted these last two before, but they are my favs. I could repost them everyday, but I won't I guess.

I'm entering these (well a few of them) in Project Alicia's 30 Days of Spring Photo Challenge.


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Love to see the blossoms.

  2. Such great pics girl. I am seriously impressed. Keep snapping!! And thanks for brightening my day.

  3. Nothing better than a new toy to play with



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