Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The count down is on...

I have 1 month left of my glorious 20's. One month from today I will send my 20's packing. I guess I can't change the fact so I am going to embrace it, I have decided! I really don't have a choice in the matter because I don't want to turn into some old bitter woman! Have I mentioned that I don't like referring to myself as a woman! On the world news when they are talking about health issues and they say, "affecting women" or "women are at risk" that is me, I'm in that category. On the other hand I am proud to be a woman, so don't go thinking that I am a women hater or anything.

The 20's have been quite a time in my life ... in no particular order: I finished college in them, started my career, got married, had babies, lost a baby, built a house, lived through two of the worst experiences in my parent's lives, realized how much I could love someone, made some of my best friends and reconnected with some old ones that will be with me for life, did my best to support some of those friends through the worst experiences of their lives, experienced those women become some of the best mommies I know, realized what it was like to be called a sister, experienced the nightmare of the 2:00am really bad news phone call, traveled, heard small feet stomp down my hallway and liked it, made the decision and did my best to put God first, was baptized, got a first hand look into the life of a disabled child, coached softball at a high school, worked my tail off to save to build that house, got my 1st and 2nd speeding ticket, was able to wear a size "D" bra, ha!, fought with my husband, made up with my husband : ), LAUGHED with my husband, watched the man I love become a daddy, got to see the sparkle in his eye when his son made him proud, experienced the absolutely care free spirit of a child, laughter melted my heart, experienced joy that 2 small children brought to the house, watched my son become a big brother and become really good at it, said goodbye to some friendships, learned a lot about business deals, got rid of some of my naive thinking, forgave, watched my brother become a daddy, experienced someone close picking up the pieces and putting their life back together, took someone elses family as my own and loved them that way, sobbed and laughed until I cried while watching a movie, ... the list could go on and on.

I have never sat down and really reflected on my life like that before. I think I need to do more of that. I can feel my heart swell, the lump in my throat start to form, and my eyes get teary talking about what my kids have brought to my life and the friendships I have. I guess if you don't know me, the previous sentence could tell you what I'm all about, but throw my husband in there with it. I am pretty fond of him as well.

I look forward to so much more in my 30's. Maybe another child, becoming completely debt free, my kids experiencing their 1st days of school, more time with my girls and more babies from those girls!!!!! I guess I shouldn't just say girls, I love my guy friends as well! I am hoping to see them add more babies as well! I know there will be some bad stuff thrown in there too, but we all know that good can come from bad situations. Regardless, I am sure it will all be recorded here eventually. Hopefully this will help me reflect more since I will have a written record of it!

Oh - that news I teased you with quite awhile ago - some of my friends and their pregnancies!!! If you know them, you know by now.

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