Thursday, January 14, 2010

Smooth Morning

It happened...we had a smooth morning. Everyone was in a good mood. Everyone got ready without a fight. We got out the door relatively on time! This is a rare occurrence, hence it being bloggable. Our day usually starts with, "I don't want to get up, I'm too tired, I don't want to go to the car with daddy, I want to wait for you, can I carry you" (Wyatt's question meaning will you carry me) and the loudest whining you have heard and most of the time tears. But not this morning! Wyatt got right up and dressed and walked himself down the hallway, got his snack for the day, tried to make his brother laugh, offered to carry my lunch, walked out to the car by himself and up to Lisa's door BY HIMSELF and took his coat, hat, and shoes off by himself. I think the aliens came in the night and took my Wyatt and replaced him with this morning person one, wow! I was always afraid of aliens.

What a difference that makes in my day!

Some of the things I really love about Wyatt right now are that he is as sweet as can be when he wants, he is starting to become a lot more helpful without being asked (including taking his brother's coat and hat off one day without even being asked), he loves to snuggle, the mannerisms he uses when he is trying to be cool and act like a big boy, and he is a GREAT story teller. His stories include all kinds of hand gestures, saying something is huge and "tiny like this" all in one sentence, and he usually ends it by asking, "you ramemer that?"

I just love it and I love him. What I really don't care for right now is he is going through this stage of saying he doesn't love his daddy, he loves me. I know he doesn't mean it, but it still breaks my heart to hear it and I can only imagine what it does to Dale on the inside. Dale said he use to do the same thing to his dad. He said there were just times when he got mad that he was around. I am guessing because it takes some of the attention off of him? I don't know but I don't like it. He has no reason to say that. I ask him why he would say something like that and he says because daddy spanks him when he is in trouble. I can't remember the last time Wyatt got a spanking from his daddy. I know for sure I have spanked him more recently than that. We don't do a lot of spankings around my house, but we do some and I am usually the one doing them. I hope he gets past this stage soon!!!

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