Friday, January 15, 2010

My weekend...

The Tahoe is fixed thanks to Mark! That decision still cost me way more than I wanted to spend! I think we should be able to pick it up tonight and be able to give my mom's jeep back to her before I go do something to it : )!

Just got the best little note from one of those friends I talk about a lot on here. Made my day. Thanks, Christen! Love you!

Saturday I am heading over to spend some more time with little Lincoln. My other girls will be in attendance as well, yeah for more girl time! I am looking forward to it as we have a lot of celebrating to do together and a lot of fun times ahead of us, more hospital beds to gather around in a few months as families grow and our kid count skyrockets! I honestly hope that our kids will get use to the occasional get togethers and call each other friends even when they get into their teens!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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