Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cranky Boy!


My dear son, why have you been the crankiest of cranky lately?????

That big molar working it's way down might be the answer! The boy is in pain. You can see the purple spot on the top gum at the top of the picture. His crankiness really started last Friday. He wasn't himself at all and would barely eat. That's when I knew something was really up with him. He fell asleep around 7:30 that night and slept until about 9 on Saturday morning. After his nap Saturday, he woke up with 102.9 temp! Sunday night I saw this spot on his gums. It is really swollen and looks bruised (this picture doesn't do much justice). This is by far the toughest tooth he has tried to cut and it is really affecting him! Poor guy. He is sleeping like a champ still though, so I hope that doesn't get interrupted as well!!! This is only the 1st of a few that he will have to go through. I hope the others aren't as bad.

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