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Hi!  It's me... I still exist.  Awhile back I prayed and asked God for a little help finding my focus at work.  Well, the craziest thing happened, He went and made me REALLY busy at work at home and with play time.  I hardly have time to write this post, but I need to get some pics on here before I forget all of these great times.  I absolutely LOVE summer.  The only thing that would make it better is if I had a part time job!  Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love the fact that I have a job but a little extra time to soak summer in and all it offers would be grand.  I'm not going to pray for that, however. 

Since so much has been going on you get a picture dump and bullet point type post in reverse order.  

Our town picnic just ended.  I love this time of year for the boys.  They love it as well.    

The twinkies.  They have had a lot of quality time together this summer and I am so thankful for that.  This is the 1st year Wyatt got to stay home and not have to go to the baby sitter's.  I think he gets bored, but seems to be doing really well.

They started out a group of 4 but the ride had to be stopped in the middle to let Weston and Waylon out because Waylon was screaming.  The kid begged to go on that ride.  A tad bit embarrassing, but oh well.  Now he knows. 

With cousin Will.

Most annoying ride in the carnival, loved by all kids!

My William!

In other news, my brother is getting married Saturday.  YES, SATURDAY!  They will be standing where Dale and I stood just 10 short years ago.  SO much has changed including the house.  The original home burnt down.  New landscape, new beauty, new pergola and patio.  A lot of hard work.  We have been out there helping as much as we possibly can last week and this week.  The boys have been out there as well.  It is pretty much a dirt fest for them.  Baths every night to dirty, tired, and really cranky little men.  I can't wait for Saturday when everything is put together.  It's going to be so pretty.  My plan is to keep busy so I don't sit there and cry.  I could blame it on sweat being in my eyes though.  That's the backup plan. 

We took advantage of some great seats for a Royals game and lost a lot of weight sweating.  I really don't mind sweating.  I like it actually.  The game was fun and we had access to the suite if we wanted but we were just fine.

Waylon got bored a few times.

Then he started taking pictures of everything.  I mean EVERYTHING!

Love that kid!

Then one of my childhood dreams came true, we got a trampoline!  Yay! and wow!  Here come some plumpy calf muscles!  Love that thing!  There has already been one bloody nose.  It has the netting on the sides for those of you that are curious. 

You all know this has to happen a lot in the summer.

Still meeting people on Saturday mornings for workouts.... JUST PLAIN AWESOME!  I love that they want to come and keep coming back.  I love that they are invested in living their best lives.  I love that they are invested in each other and lifting each other up.  What a group.   And it is ever changing!  Just LOVE it!

During a break in our work!  Gotta keep it silly.

The 4th... one of my favorite holidays in one of my favorite seasons!

This is how Weston celebrated.  He ended up having a random 102 fever and hit the sack early.  Poor guy.  He kicked it fast.

This dude - dirty, hydrated, comfy, and cool.  He made his own seating and table arrangements for the show.

Before he passed out loving on grandma.

He actually napped outside on the 4th as well and admitted he was tired.  You know something is up when that one admits he is tired.

They love each other a whole lot.  Maddox got stitches from ripping his chest open on something.  They are out now, he is fine and back to his old self with a lot more freedom.  I love seeing him follow the boys around.

More workouts - this one on the morning of the 4th.  Look at that turnout!  AWESOME!

Community celebration - loved it.  Starting to love my town in a whole new way.

Running highs

Running glows

Another workout

Our glow team

Night parties at the pool

Workouts at the Mill

Ice cream with the end of baseball season

3rd place and an AWESOME end to Wyatt's 1st machine pitch season.  They just started playing like rock stars!  It made it so fun!  Wyatt started hitting well too.  Just so much little league fun!

Catching fish too big to handle with PaPa

Canoe rides with no fear

Soaking in beauty

Celebrating dad

And love

And the ones we miss terribly

Grandpa Bill's Father's Day gift for the tombstone

Brothers watching brother

Celebrating the HILLS of LIFE


Our 10 year anniversary date

So, yeah, it's been a lot of fun and really busy!  I often want to write it all out and share how I'm feeling and what it all means to me.  Those thoughts are for me for now I guess.  Still working on my new little President title of Femfessionals.  Hoping to kick it all off next month between the wedding, vacation bible schools, and vacation. 

Still moving everyday as much as possible.  I'm having a few more cheat meals than I like to admit.  Lifting as well.  I've been trying to do a few days of running and a few days of lifting.  It's working out well.  I'm enjoying putting on a little body fat and I really am liking how I look right now.  I think it is where I'd like to stay.  Not too small, not too muscular.  As long as I'm not bloated my stomach is looking good as well. 

Running is starting to feel good.  I ran a 5k on Saturday which went well and I ran 3 miles this morning.  Starting to push the pace and my comfort zone a little.  I was getting worried because I thought I was a lot further ahead at this time last year.  I finally looked back and nope, a little ahead.  I think I would be even further if I would just go out and turn my app off and run to run.  Next run, I will. 

Saturday's race was a little short and I went out faster without meaning too.  I felt good then freaked when I heard my pace was 7:24.  Not terribly fast but a lot faster than I had been running.  Then I started playing all sorts of head games and slowed down so I wouldn't die even though I was feeling good.  GRRR, I frustrate myself sometimes. 

Happy summer!  Happy LIFE!  I'll update soon!

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  1. You are one busy Mama! Your boys crack me up and make me think "oh a boy would be fun around here." I love how working out is a family event for you guys. Can't wait to see wedding pics, so exciting :)



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