Friday, August 16, 2013

It's My Life - And It's Now Or Never

How have I let another whole month go by?  I think the photo dump below will explain it.  Sorry to do this to you all again, but I need these pictures here for the memories before I forget I ever took them.  

My little brother got married out at my parent's house just like I did, only completely different.  10 years ago when I got married here there was a completely different house and completely different landscaping.  It was beautiful then and it is even more so now.  The patio to the side and the retaining wall is all new.  We all worked our butts off to get it all done before the big day.  What a great result!!

The pergola remains the same.  They stood right where we stood.  It was pretty emotional, but I kept busy taking pictures so I wasn't crying the whole time!

Working on mortar.  New skills to add to my resume, apparently!

From across the pond.  So blessed to have such a beautiful place.  Hard work and following your dreams is what gets you there, you all.  My parents are a living example of it.  We lived in trailer after trailer when we were little until they had worked their way up to being able to build their dream house.

My sis and Mr. Chadica - miss him so much.  (No, they aren't back together.  They stay close though)

My little fam!

Mom and Dad with the married couple.  These pictures make me smile so big.  My brother's smile never faded that night.  I don't think I've ever seen him happier.  So happy for them!

Love that my mom snuck this one in.  Capturing the 1st few seconds of my baby brother's new life. 

Look at him!

And that sums it up!

It was a great day!

Dad did all of the amazing cooking as well along with being the best man and father of the groom.

Some really hot guy that attended the wedding.  He had the most adorable 3 boys.  Hot, I'm telling you!!

My favorite picture EVER of me and my momma

The boys... at the keg

Makes me really enjoy these boys at this stage in life.  Some day they will stand where we stood.  Too soon, I'm sure.  And, if their future wives allow it, I guess, but how could you not!!!

Long summer nights... my favorite!

And then VBS...

And play dates

And enjoying all of the hard work

Moments with papa

THEN a big trip to Branson for some VACA with our buddies!

Not everyone was happy all the time, but a good trip nonetheless

We caught some rolls

Rode some go-karts

This little guy's first time!

Um, he loved it!

No guess here - he loved it as well

Not for me this year after getting soaked last year

He's up to my armpits now : (

Holding on as long as I can!


but fun!

Another year, another captain

See how much fun Dale is having?!?

Weston made the eating out enjoyable.  That's sarcasm, my friends.  He was absolutely horrible in the restaurants and quite embarrassing I might add.  But he made it out alive.  We really can't blame him.  There was no time for napping for 4 to 5 days.  That's hard on a little guy!

My brother from another mother.  Love ya, Lew Dog!

Waiting on the broken fountain light show for an hour and a half that never started.  Boo!


Mr. Cool with his Diet Coke.  I let him indulge.

His vacation get up!  Wore it the whole time at the water park/hotel and on the boat.


Round 2 of go-karts.

Back to reality - more running!

Coming home from a Saturday morning workout to this.


Progress check

Another Saturday morning!

The State Fair - last minute decision

Loved by all until they realized how much walking it was.

More running and a dog bite!  A nice little Boston Terrier with little man's syndrome who is going to get a mouthful of my Nike's this Sunday morning!

More relaxation

Boxed up for shipping.

A night of horsing around that led to that voice in my head of the ones who raised me - "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt."  Notice the picture on the wall in the background.

It led to this.  Weston pulled it off the wall and the corner of it found Wyatt's eye.  It looks a lot worse than it is.  It is more of a scratch, but majorly bruised and swollen.  Just trying to look tough for all the chics when school starts next Wed.

So, yes, we have been busy and nothing is really slowing down anytime soon.  We will get our routine back, but we are still going like mad.  Cross Country started for Dale.  I continue Saturday morning workouts.  I'm still "training"  it's not really training anymore, it's just what I do.  I leave for Portland to run Hood To Coast next Thursday.  Super excited.  My sister hits the WBFF stage for World's next weekend while I'm running the race of my life!!!  Bummed I will miss seeing it live, but crossing something off of my bucket list the same time she is crossing something off of hers is the way to go! Work is still really busy and starting to get much more challenging and Femfessionals is going to ramp up here in September.  Bring on the fun.  Bring on LIVING life, right!  Bring on my couch which I would like to enjoy for at least for 5 minutes on a Saturday night when I finally get to sit on it before I pass out. 

It's busy, it's good, it's stressful, but it is fun = my life!

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  1. What a beautiful wedding! Your parents have a wonderful home.



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