Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A little update of the last few days

I have a lot to update on.  I'll start with my diet since the competition has been over...

What is sticking in my diet and what I am letting go of:

  • I’m still not going crazy with the cheese – I’ve had very little of it and I’m still not missing it
  • Milk and sour cream – still out
  • Salad dressings other than Newman’s Olive Oil and Vinegar are still out. If at a restaurant I opt for vinaigrette
  • No white bread still. I really do like all grain bread. I like it better than wheat and you can find it soft. It is really filling and hearty. I try to stick to 1 piece with some peanut butter.  Although I did make a yummy sandwich the other day for lunch, which Dale stole and I had to make another one.  Pretty much a turkey salad on grain bread.  Yummy!
  • Honey has made its drizzly way back to my peanut butter and bananas in the morning on some days
  • YOGURT!!! I pretty much am staying away from dairy except for the yogurt (and ice cream sometimes). So good, I want it in my diet. So some greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and a little granola is a part of my breakfast on occasion.  I add the fresh fruit myself to plain or vanilla yogurt.   
  • I’m taking it easy on the eggs for a little while. Me and eggs need a break!!!
  •  Keeping the lean meat and quinoa in for sure and the variety of veggies are staying too. My boys will eat them someday, until then “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!”
  • My fav veggies lately are sauteed asparagus with just about anything else, red peppers, mushrooms, cabbage. I like roasted and even sauteed cabbage and Brussels sprouts. I made Kale chips a little while ago but haven’t made them since.  They were ok. Addicting but not blow-your-mind good. I am a huge fan of olive oil right now and sea salt. I am really liking strong flavors with some red onion as well.
  • Almond milk is staying around but my store is usually sold out of it lately, which angers me!!!
My weakness - Ice cream on occasion with some Magic Shell!  The stuff is so dang good.  BUT - it puffs me up like no other and each bite = a dimple in my butt.  So that is what I'm using to keep me away from it for the last few days.  That and Dale knows my weakness so he gives me crap about eating it as he should. 

Dale is almost there on being ok with the healthier diet. He’s been hitting the gym pretty hard these last few days. It is so good to see that fire in his eyes again!  He's been so supportive of my latest adventure.  Maybe I can talk him into getting out there with us soon.  Ward and Bryce (and any other guys) - come out and I'm sure Dale will too.  Don't be intimidated by us ladies!!


So the group, Journey To The Best Me, WOW!  I never would have imagined that it would take off like it has.  Amazing.  There are really good people out there that are passionate about helping others out and lifting them up.  There are people out there that want to find JOY in life!  I've found a few of them.  They are sharing their stories, their before pictures, their struggles, their accomplishments, and their goals.  They aren't being judged.  They are being encouraged and cheered for.  They are inspiring and motivating and holding people accountable in the most loving ways.  It is such a blessing to be a part of this.  I'm so excited to see what God has planned here. 

Some of the locals in the group met up Saturday for a group workout.  Wait.  Backup!  When I finally pulled the trigger and took the steps to get this thing off the ground without a solid plan and without being fully ready I was expecting a few to bite.  I was nervous that no one would see value in what I had in mind, but I had people reaching out to me left and right asking for advice along my own journey.  They were asking me to hold them accountable.  They were pretty much bearing all to me and looking for encouragement and support.  I wanted to help, but I just didn't know exactly what to do or how other than letting them know I would do what I can and we will see where it goes.  I figured I had enough experience in sports and in the gym that I could put some workouts together that I planned to do myself anyway and go from there.  Dale has been beside me the whole time.  He has offered advice and workout ideas and I love it!

So I woke up last Saturday morning nervous like I was getting ready to go run a race.  I guess I was just nervous about doing something like this that I was responsible for and had to make it worth other people's time to be there and I didn't want to disappoint anyone.  I started out the door to walk across the street where we agreed to meet.  I looked over at the parking lot, which was FULL to my surprise.  I thought to myself, "I would schedule people to meet me here when there is a fishing tournament going on."  No, there was no fishing tournament, that was my crew.  WOW!  I was amazed, happy, scared, nervous.  11 women came to workout from all different kinds of fitness levels.  I was so encouraged. 

We ran the path, did some hill sprints, some basketball slides up the hill, some lunges, and some walking.  We also started with introductions and little snippets of their stories.  We started and ended with prayer.  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and I couldn't be happier with the direction the FB group is going.  Just so many good and exciting things.  The pessimist in me wants to say, "now wait, you know that something is going to happen.  The numbers are going to go down.  People will lose their drive, etc."  But, I don't care about that right now.  We are going to keep going and what happens, happens.  We are placing this in God's hands and holding each others through it.  It's awesome!!!

Afterwards I headed home to grab Maddox and ran the trail.  I felt like I needed some soak time after they left and before turning back to mom and wife mode.  I quickly realized how exhausted I was! 


Later I caught some time in the sun. Just laying, napping, and Pandora. It was equivalent to one of my awesome runs. I just laid there thinking about how crazy and filling the last few weeks of my life have been and how good it felt just to lay there with no guilt and daze in and out of naps. I think there was a smile on my face the entire time. I have little tan lines to show from it, but it felt so good to soak up God’s warmth.

Our 10 year anniversary was Friday as well.  Dale and I got a babysitter and actually had a real date with a movie and everything.  It feels so good to be so comfortable and content with the person in your life.  Things in our lives are never perfect, but I think we both agree that neither one of us wants to go or be anywhere else.  Through my own journey I have held back from sharing my true feelings even with Dale and that wasn't always healthy.  Now that I am further along I can let myself be me and that has drawn us closer together.  A lot I could say there, but I'll leave it at that.  I'm happy and I love laughing with him.
The last 3 weeks especially of my life have been pretty amazing. Finish lines literally and figuratively. Finales to the work I have been putting in. I want to be clear that it wasn’t all rainbows and smiles. There have been plenty of tears. There have been plenty of feelings of frustration, doubt, and sacrifices. I’ve wanted to quit. I've been overwhelmed so many times.  It got hard. Things slipped through the cracks and I had to play Just Breathe over and over and over again listening with my eyes closed. But, I couldn’t give up. I just tried to tip the scales back as much as I could. I’ve gotten my feelings hurt along this process and my temper was shorter than I like it to be. Please don’t ever be naive enough to think that there aren’t going to be trials along the way and that transforming or reaching for goals is going to be a cake walk. It is hard work and it tests just how serious you are about it all. You better be pretty darn serious! The rewards at the end and along the way are worth it all!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Yeah for date night :)

    I'm loving the FB group. I'm not posting that much but it's so encouraging to reads others posts and give support. Just knowing we are all working towards a similar goal is very motivating.

    You should be proud of the community you are building. It's awesome!



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