Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Waylonator is turning 1!

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. Everyone says that, I know, but seriously. I feel like Waylon's infancy has been fast forwarded to now. I remember with Wyatt it seemed like he was never going to reach his next milestone because I was so excited to see the next one. With Waylon I wanted to soak in every little infant, sweet, perfect, smells so good, moment. I guess that is why it went so fast. And probably why he isn't walking yet. I always practiced walking with Wyatt. Not Waylon, he already is on the move and gets to where he wants to go with no problem.
I've mentioned before how I just fell in love with Waylon! I love that little, I mean, not so little guy. He is so strong, mentally and physically and he is showing us that more and more with each day. Here is just a little bit to update you on our big guy:
- He LOVES music and will start dancing at the 1st note of anything that resembles it even my singing.
- He is standing, pulling up, and walking around things now.
- He will let go and stand on his own for a good amount of time, but not ready to take his own steps yet.
- He is saying, Dog, momma, Nae Nae, Dada, barking, grunting, (I am pretty sure he has his own word for Wyatt, but I haven't figured it out yet), bye bye, uh oh, all gone.
- He waves
- Loves to "talk" to Missy - my cat that lives at mom and dad's and Koda - mom and dad's dog.
- Loves to follow and join in on the rough play with Daddy and his brother.
- He constantly is cleaning out my, of course child proofed, cabinets and trying to crawl into the dishwasher
- Loves his baths and isn't afraid to lick the water and laugh hysterically about it until he gets too excited too early and inhales some water. That's a show stopper!
- Hates getting his diaper changed because he could be emptying some cabinets during that time.
- LOVES to do patty cake and that can turn his mood faster than anything, for now anyway.
- Loves to stand at the toy box and through toys out
- Recently learned how to throw a ball
- Eats like there is no tomorrow - can out eat his brother with his eyes closed!
- Has no fear of trying to fall off of things, especially down Grandma Vada's stairs. I just don't have it in me to let him learn that one the hard way.
- Wants no part in hugging or kissing unless it turns into a big loud game and then, if he is in the right mood, he will give you the best open mouth slobbery kisses that are to die for especially since they are so rare!

I said I would only give you a little bit, so I am forcing myself to quit now. We are so proud of him and he has brought so much to our lives. I love being with him and taking him everywhere and seeing a relationship between brothers grow. These times are precious to us and so much fun even if they are chaotic. I really do wish I could bottle this up and keep it forever, but the more I say that and the more I want to hit the pause button, the faster the time goes. I'm trying to hold on...

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