Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 Days

10 days out

I feel stronger than ever and sore. The area I'm still concerned about is my lower abs. They are as stubborn as Weston. Sure they are solid and sure, I have a 6 pack, but dang I want those lines deep and it just isn't happening. It also likes to stick out despite the above. I’m not overly concerned about it. I’m happy with what I will be stepping on stage with regardless.

There is something that just isn’t right this week. All things are not peacefully coming together. I’m behind in a lot of things at home due to ball games and food prep and grocery shopping and Dale working every night when he comes home. Plus, he has a sinus infection. I know that stuff can wait but that area is off. There is laundry in baskets all over my house. Most of them are folded, which is a miracle but I have yet to find the time to put them away. The only time I could actually find the time is when those little monsters are supposed to be asleep.

My head is a little off too. Just old wounds coming to surface. I know the issues, I just have to find a way to deal with them in a healthy productive way.

Speaking of wounds, I was at Wal-Mart last night with Weston and Waylon. We passed an older man who had bibbed overalls on. We never saw his face, but as we were passing him Waylon says, “Hi Papa”. He wasn’t expecting a response. The guy never turned around to address him and Waylon didn’t need that. It was just his 4 year old little way of saying that man reminded him of his late grandpa. My first reaction was sadness. I wanted to cry right there by the light bulbs, but I knew that wasn’t healthy to do. I think once I start crying I may not stop.

Exercise is way more than just making your body physically strong. It works your mind as well. In the process of getting your body fat down and leaning out it searches every part of you. Even those little crevices in your brain where you like to tuck things away to deal with another day.

The workouts are crazy. I think I literally felt every bit of energy drain from my fingertips as I was leaving the gym yesterday. I have given up on doing my hair. No point in doing my hair for the morning when I will soak it over my lunch hour and it will end up in a ponytail the rest of the day anyway. Two more weeks, my work peeps are just going to have to deal with a less attractive, smelly me. Oh, hi, new president that just joined our company! What’s that about first impressions? Oh well.

I know I said I wanted to blog every day, but as you can see that is hard to do with everything going on right now. I will do the best I can. Tonight it is a rush home, eat dinner, and rush out the door to travel about 40 minutes for another ball game. It’s going to be a long night! But, it is Wyatt’s very first machine pitch game and I’m really excited to see how he does.

This is Waylon from his game Monday night.  His uniform is so big and his portly little body just screamed Babe Ruth to me.  So stinkin cute.  His team did awesome for their first game!


  1. Your abs are amazing! I've been so impressed with your dedication towards working out!

  2. I keep looking for the problem with these abs??? I know competitors hold themselves to a different standard but woman you look awesome. You are ready to rock that stage! Your little boy is adorable!


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