Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Pumped!

There are some races I get extremely excited for like the one I ran with my high school girlfriends and the one I ran with my sister and the special one I have planned for May (more details to come much later)  But, some of them just don't get me too excited like the one I ran with the dogs.  I'm not sure why that happens.  I guess I really get a kick out of someone else close to me sharing this experience with me. 

On my drive into work this morning something on a billboard caught my eye.  I immediately pulled myself up to the steering wheel like one of the boys who perk up when someone mentions anything about guns, dinosaurs, or airplanes, or trains, so I could see the rest of it before I got too far.  "WHAT'D THAT SAY? WHAT'D THAT SAY? Challenge yourself... WHAT?"

The North Face Endurance Challenge.  I'm totally checking that out AS SOON as I get logged into my computer.  AAAAAwweeee!  5k, 10, 1/2, full, 50k relay race.  Are you serious?!  A free kids run.  Oh my God, yes!!!  November 17th!  We are there.  I haven't registered yet because I want to see who all is with me and what race I will pick to do.  I really want Dale with me.  He hasn't been able to run one because he injured his foot and was on antibiotics for a freakish amount of time.  He's slowly getting back into the running, but man, I would so love it if we could run this one together, well be at the same race at least.  I know he will be far in front of me.  And the kids run.  Oh yeah, baby, the first question I'm going to ask Wyatt and Waylon when I get home is if they want to do this. 

I think my sister and her "friend" ; ) are in.  Yay!  I would love for anyone else to join us as well.  It looks like a great time.  I honestly got a little teary eyed watching the video.  I'm not sure why this gets my blood going so.  I can literally feel my heart pumping through my chest.  I love it!  Someone should pay me for this (cough, cough) I would promote the crap out of it.  (I'll totally accept sponsorship)

I'm getting all excited again just reliving the moment.  Fair warning, if you mention running to me prepare for me to talk your ear off.  A poor guy on my team happened to ask about my last race yesterday during his one on one and we spent the whole time talking about it. Shocking for some of you that don't really know me as much of a talker, I'm sure.  If you all have a chance search for Runninghood on facebook and watch the Nuun video she posted.  Some day I'm totally going to do that!  What an awesome experience that looks like!  Hood to Coast is on my bucket list!  Actually, here you go!

I think I will be running a race this weekend as well.  I still haven't registered.  I don't usually run them back to back like this, but the season is coming to an end and I don't feel like I've got my fill.  My legs are sore from the hills and weights this week, but I'm resting today and tomorrow to be ready.  We will see how it goes.  I think the course is a lot hillier than I am used to so I may not shoot for a PR this time around.  We'll see how it goes. 

In other news... I've got a really exciting thing happening here on this blog that I've had for quite sometime and haven't really done all of the "bloggy" type things to.  I'll be hosting a giveaway.  I've never done one before, but this one really spoke to me and I love the gift.  So, stay tuned on that front.  Then come and comment your tail off to win this amazing prize.  I think it is amazing, anyway.  I'm also going to be guest posting on a couple of other blogs before the end of the year.  Ones that I have really loved and admired for a long time now.  Funny that I've had this blog for so long and then all opportunities kind of come up at once. 

Anyone else completely pumped that it is fallish out?  Ok, maybe I'm just pumped in general.  I'm wearing black on black, a pop of color, dress boots and a LONG SLEEVE shirt.  Wish this could be my uniform.  So comfy!  So simple!  I'm going to miss my morning runs in perfect weather though. 

Everyone likes bathroom ootd (outfit of the day) shots, right!  My pants are too big.  Pay no attention to the sag in my rear region.  I need all new pants, but that is going to have to wait for some big bonus or something.

I've got to get back to work and use some of this blood flow to pump out some mad work before hitting the road back home. Have a kick ass day, everyone and good luck to the Tigers at their Cross Country meet tonight.  Wish I could be there. 

P.S. I just won a plant!!!  Woot!!!  Now, if I could have someone come over and cook dinner and clean up, this day would ROCK!

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  1. The title of this post is very fitting!! Lots going on to be excited about! ;-) That November race weekend sounds very cool. I love when races include a free kids race. Good luck this weekend! I have my first 5 K since June (and that one didn't go so well). I'm running on the same course and hopefully this time I will stay positive and focused. Do 5K's make you really nervous? I think I get more nervous about racing them than any other distance...



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