Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm Still A Sister - Memories Captured

There is more to me than being a full time working wife of three boys.  I'm still a sister.  We spent our childhood competing against one another in every way shape and form.  We would fight, roll our eyes at each other, and spend months with no contact what-so-ever. 

Finally we grew up.  We realized what being sisters was all about.  I've always looked up to her when we were in school no matter the amount of fighting.  Signing her senior year book on her bed in her room in the shadows of all the clothes I used to steal out of her closet, I cried.  I was going to miss her no matter how much we fought. 

She became a source of inspiration to me.  She went places no one thought she could go and she is still going there.  She's doing amazing things; transforming people's lives and making a difference in this world.  She's on a journey to continue to live her best life. 

Running has been a way for me to get the best from my life.  To make sure I'm healthy enough to raise a healthy family.  And strong enough to be able to whip up on some boys when they think they want to wrestle their momma.  Recently I asked her to join me for a 5k race.  She accepted the challenge.  I knew she would do great.  You can read about our race together here

Photo source: Kearney Courier

It is certainly one of the moments with my sister that I will never forget. 


  1. Good for you. I had a very intense conversation with my sister today about candles.

  2. Oh I love this. I totally wish the same thing for my two girls (ages 3 and 7) when they grow up. They fight with each other so much that sometimes I wonder if they'll ever like each other. You know? I really want them to be best friends. :(

  3. There is nothing like a sister relationship. My sister is my best friend, my other 'other half'. Love that you got to do this with your sister!

  4. This is what I hope for my little girls. I grew up with two brothers but always, always wanted a sister.

  5. Amazing!!! Love this. Love Mummy's getting their jog on but love it more when it's shared with someone special.

  6. I love this for so, so many reasons, girl!

    Your relationship now, the road you had to take to get there, the way that you wrote about ti with so very much heart. All love.

    {I want this for my girls. So very much.}

    Also? Way to kick ass in that 5k! I'm so very proud of you both! And that last shot? Perfection!

    {Love the topic you chose to capture! Also perfection! :)}



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