Saturday, July 28, 2012

About new things, life, and blessings

7am on a Saturday. I'm just as nervous to get up and tackle this "long" run on my own as I was for my last 5k. But I want to get up. I want to get out of bed and get going.

I used to hate this place as much as I hated high school cross country. It was long and boring and brought on the hurt. I don't think I ever completely ran it until about a month ago when Dale and I tackled it together. It's a regular for him. Not for me. But that run made me love it.

Today was my day to make it mine.

Can I tell you how beautiful the morning was? Awesome! Perfect temp, beautiful sky, just the right amount of sunshine on my shoulders.

I ran my best run yet since I got back into this whole running game. I have to admit I did disappoint myself though. I screwed up my app at the beginning and had to stop it and start it over so I don't have full stats. Who really cares though. The run went well.

The 1st mile seems to be the hardest for me. I want to push and find the right stride and pace, but I always feel so tired and doubtful at the beginning. Seems like that mile is 10 miles long! During the second mile if I push hard enough the 1st my stomach is cramping.

Today I just started praying to distract my mind from making it my vice. It worked and I got some great time in with the big guy, which was MUCH needed. Before I knew it my app was telling me I had 2 miles down and my pace was faster than my 1st mile.

For a long time now I have had this feeling in me of something new. A motivation to make the most out of my life. To stop waking up each morning grumpy thinking about the crap I have to do vs the opportunities I GET to take advantage of. That's when I started working out. Stopped surcoming to the excuses I repeated to myself. Then I got a little more serious and started running 5k's. I still can't shake that feeling that I can do more or that something is on our horizon.

So I'm pushing myself harder and I'm starting something new. I'll be writing about it, but I'm not going to share specific details until I know it works and I can prove it for myself.

I'm excited for whatever it is to come. I'm excited about my life. About the unknown. I'm soaking in as much as I can. Enjoying my runs, my scenery, my time alone, my time wrapped up in chaos. Cheering on those around me stepping out of their comfort zones and making life mean something regardless of the battles they have as resistance. Encouraging those that aren't there yet.

Just this morning I have so much to be thankful for. My ability to run, the area I have to run in. The trees surrounding the path. The turkeys, rabbits, and deer that cross in front of me. Smiling faces as we pass. The wind that rustles the leaves of one of my favorite trees as I sit on my deck enjoying me time while my house still sleeps. That hummingbird that just stopped by to say hi getting so close to me that I could feel the wind of his wings on my ear.

Being greeted by my son's tired eyes and getting lost in his reenactment of his crazy grabboid, alien filled dreams. Having the rest of them join us in their jammies and sleepy filled eyes. Fresh with smiles and the calmness before the crazy of the day.

Right now seems pretty perfect but I know there is more to come. Thank you, God for sending blessings after such a trying time. Thanks for not forgetting about us. Give Bill a hug for us because I'm sure he has a strong hand in it all.

Life, y'all..... It can be so good. Goooood oooooodddddd!

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