Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a Glimpse

I’m cranky

Sick to my stomach
Pissed that my first long morning run was ruined by me getting sick to my stomach
I’m tired
Really freakin tired
I turned the car around twice this morning because I didn’t think I’d make it to work. I showed up anyway.

I’m jealous that Dale is home with the boys all week and they are having a really good time

I went fishing with Wyatt the other day after work and caught a snake. I hate snakes. I screamed, jumped, and ran toward the house like I was a 12 year old girl.

The boys were bad that night.
They wait to be bad for me when I come home.
Fair, right?!

They were going to stay up and have movie night with daddy when I went to bed.
Then they got loud and started throwing their “babies” up in the air
Laughing hysterically
Then one head-butted the other on accident
Then they yelled and cried
Then they wouldn’t stop fighting
Wyatt punching Waylon
Waylon using his heels to kick Wyatt
They screamed
I warned them
And warned them
And warned them
They ignored me
I snatched the plastic bat they were hitting each other with and yelled at them to go to bed
I told them how bad they were and why they couldn’t have movie night and slammed the bat against the couch
They ran to their rooms crying like I actually beat them with it
They were best friends consoling themselves
Daddy comes out after hearing everything while he was taking a shower trying to conceal his laughter over how ridiculous I sounded losing my shit on them
Daddy gives the puppy dog face and says, “We were going to have movie night”
I shrug my shoulders
“We can’t have movie night?”
“You better go freakin talk to them”
They come in
Tell me how sorry they are
Kisses and hugs
Wipe their tears and settle in for movie night on the floor by daddy
They were asleep before it even got started and before I could even get up and go to bed

This is just a glimpse of the ups and downs of having kids at home. How to find the balance between fun, giving them a break, making moments to remember, and discipline? I’m sure you all can relate. I personally love the way Dale and I have been on the same page lately. Have any fun stories to tell about a night in your house?

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