Friday, March 23, 2012

A REAL look into a life with 3 boys

This week in our lives with 3 boys....

If you missed the 1st edition it was pretty funny.  You can click here to read it. 

I attempted Shamrock Shakes.  Thanks to Nichole pimping hers.  Mine don't look near as pretty as hers did and probably didn't taste as good either. 

Waylon and the other boys squinted their nose and let me know that they were too "spicy". 

What other boys?  Oh, our house had 5 boys over the weekend instead of 3. 

Aren't they cute?!  It was fun and everyone, for the most part, got along swimmingly. 

Like this.

Guess who grew up?

Yeah, the baller there with his wrist band that he LOVED.  He wore it all day.

This is deceiving.  He actually wasn't the guilty one here.  He's just checking out to see how much more damage he could do.  When I came back in to pick it up there was significantly more bending. 

That one had Waylon's name all over it.

Speaking of...
I had to beg him to put his underwear back on. 

I finally kept up the laundry this week. That's a lie.

We are NEVER 'caught up' with laundry.  You probably already knew that.  This basket of clean, folded clothes is still sitting in the living room and a new layer becomes unfolded each day because they can't keep away from it.  Why don't I just put it all away?  Because, I DON'T WANT TO.

We got new furniture, which I would like to keep nice and constantly yell at them to, "Stay off of the top of the pillows, please." but they don't.  Then they do this...

So much for keeping this crap nice.  Yes, that's a empty bottle of grape juice laying on the floor.  Anyone want to take a guess as to who keeps getting it out of the trash?

What's that?

A "wepon" also known as a butter knife.  They steal these things from me all the time and I find them in various places.

And that?

Someone left the doors unlocked to the DVD's.  And that is the Wii remote thing that Weston can not stand to have on the shelf.  Any chance he gets to pull it off he takes it. 

Oh, yeah, that looks like a lot of freakin fun.

"YOU'RE GOING TO HIT YOUR HEAD ON THE TABLE.  KNOCK IT OFF!!!"  times 2,134,684,616,445

"I want to eat big boy food, by myself.  Don't try to feed me or I will knock the spoon from your hand."

"Not that big boy food"

I really need to take a picture when he is completely finished.  This doesn't do it justice.  What kid doesn't like Lasagna?

Don't we look happy?

 Dang it, they are still cute!

This week they took it easy on the home destruction and just worked on my nerves instead.  There was a lot of whining and crying and not listening.  I'm exhausted and frankly trying to check my mood before we head into this gorgeous weekend.

I'm ready for next week to be here because I'm really counting on it being better all around.  We did take time for a field trip though.  It was nice to get that time with them.

Thanks, mom for going and dad for meeting up with us for lunch.  That was a special treat.


  1. I have a couch with cushions thrown off of it just like you do. He does look like he is checking out the damage.

  2. Oh man...
    The baller.
    My kid won't get near a butter knife since his little buddy grabbed a steak knife and sliced his hand. His mom freaked out and dropped him at my house since I'm a pediatric ER nurse. Poor Chunky looked over on horror and I said "See that's what happens!"
    I call it shock parenting ;)



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