Monday, March 19, 2012

Memories Captured - Waylon

I'm joining Galit and Alison again for one of my favorite link-ups.
By the way, loving PicMonkey!

Let's be honest... this kid?  He can drive me to insanity faster than anything.  He's stubborn.  He talks back.  Hits. Pushes. Bites. Kicks. Screams like a girl. And cries about everything.  He frustrates me.  He will argue until you threaten physical harm.  HE.DOES.NOT.LISTEN! 

But, I can't help but melt when I look at him.  Those huge eyes outlined with those beautifully long eyelashes.  Those toddler arms melting away too quickly into big boy muscles.  That tiny neck getting longer and longer as the days go by.  And that hair, oh his poor hair.  I love this little dude more than I even have the words to express. 

Even though it is cliche, he is too smart for his own good.  I was in awe last night over some logic he put together.  I can't even remember what it was, but he blew me away.  He is sneaky and always watching, carefully planning out his next move.  His poor brothers.  I love the way he always ends up by my side in the middle of the night.  His head touching mine. 

The way he looks when he is being "big".  How he sucks in his lips, bats those eyelashes, and raises his chin.  It's all too much to take sometimes. 

He's defining who he is and I'm trying to keep my patience as we go.  I want nothing more than for him to be strong in what he believes and push for the goals in his life.  I just pray that those goals and beliefs are all pointed in the right direction. 

So I'm going to embrace it and turn his behavior to the right direction when I can.  Because if I could, I would choose to keep him forever just like he is.  The same movie watching, fruit, veggie, and sweets eating, brother loving and hating, mommy needing, and daddy adoring little boy for the rest of my life. 


  1. What an awesome picture! And I have a son like that at home as well, the description fits perfectly! And the puke, puke, puke.... I know what that's like (wish I wouldn't)

    1. It is not fun cleaning up, that's for sure!

  2. Is he sleeping in the tub? How funny!

    I think little boys know exactly how to push their mama's buttons.

  3. Oh no to the sicks! A moment of silence for your house and your cleaning schedule, yes?

    And now that photo? Oh my, what a stunner! Love!

    I have my very own 'lil free spirit here and one day? She'll make a fabulous adult! :)

  4. Great photo! We like karate-ing here too! Why is it they seem to know our buttons and how to push them so early in life?

  5. Love the 'less clothing' part. My son definitely considers summer to be 'clothing optional season'!

  6. Love the picture - that's the definition of relaxing!

    And toddlerhood - I do hear 3 is the toughest age (and here I thought it was 2). Good thing they're so darn cute, right?

  7. Where do they learn to push our buttons? I have no idea, but they just know how to do it. I have one like this too and I could tell you stories about being stubborn and talking back, but also about singing and dancing. And most of all he's so curious about everything. Especially everything I'm doing. LOL.

  8. We smooth sailed passed the terrible 2's...then the 3's hit and my cute chubby son disappeared beneath a layer of "I'm independant so I'll do what I want and don't tell me otherwise."'s like he changed completely.
    I brought this up with my psychiatrist once and he laughed at me. Every child goes through a "phase" that pushes limits buttons etc. They are asserting their independance and the reason why they do it so forcefully with us, Moms in particular is because they trust us. They trust us.
    Weird right?
    But it makes perfect sense :)
    You're doing a wonderful job. He's a doll.

  9. My #2 sounds very similar to this. Some days I want to hide in the garage in the trunk of my car to get away from the nutty he brings to the place. But then his face! And his sweet words. So enchanting!

  10. Such a great pic! And yes, I often am incredibly in love with my son and then completely exhausted by him within the same minute. This toddler stage is hard!

  11. So unfair that little boys have BEAUTIFUL eyelashes huh? What I'd this picture :)

  12. Oh man. I have a boy like this that I JUST posted about last week, with some similar words. It's ALL so true. It's amazing how they can frustrate the heck out of us one moment and then pull at our heart strings the VERY next! Love the picture.... and good luck to us! ;-)

  13. Such a cute picture! I find my patience running thinner each day. Sometimes it's so hard!

  14. I love this picture! It looks like he's floating without a care in the world. :)

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