Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pregnant/Hungry/Tired - This won't end well

Calm down, dear gawd, I'm not pregnant again.  Just telling a little story from my past...

When something goes awry I used to be the one to sit back and not say anything, but observe the irritation of others. Throw in pregnancy and we have a whole new ballgame…

We were at a Champ’s store in the mall. I was around seven months pregnant with my first boy. It was late. The store was busy, but about to close and I was hungry.

Hungry and pregnant don’t jive well.

There were young kids working and younger kids shopping. The line was long and the store was about to close.

Dale finally found what he was wanting. He’s the one to buy all the shoes. You can see evidence of that here and here.

We waited in line and then waited some more.

Finally we get to the second place in line. I think there were one or two more people behind us. The kids in front of us finally made a decision on what they were going to buy after one of them kept entering and exiting the line several times.

My irritation kept growing like the hunger pangs in my belly.

They were checking out when the young pimple faced associate told them that the Polos they had picked out were bogo. Instead of canceling their order and setting the stuff to the side so he could help the ones that were ready he continued to slowly pick up one item after the other to scan it while he watched them go to the rack and shuffle through what was left. “Yeah, that rack there. You can pick from any of those. You have a red one here...” Blah, blah, blah!


Then they went back and forth and hemmed and hawed with no regard for the others that were still in line, but they finally had it. They gathered their stuff and threw it up on the counter. But wait, they forgot something else. I have no idea what it was at this point, but it PISSED. ME. OFF!

IRRITATED! I yelled out, “You’ve GOT to be freakin kidding me!”

I quickly left the store and left Dale standing there in line as the rest of the store stared at him. I knew if I would have stayed there I would have lost it. I mean completely lost it.

He was embarrassed to say the least, but the supervisor witnessed the whole ordeal, apologized, and gave Dale an extra 25% off of his purchase.

Dale was embarrassed but at the same time very thankful that I finally spoke up and got him a discount. I apologized and we laughed. We won’t talk about the two other pregnancies where there were no apologies and a lot shorter temper!

This is a prompt from MamaKat’s Writing Workshop. I kind of cheated and linked up two posts. One of the prompts was about girl’s night, which I happened to post on Tuesday. You can check it out here.


  1. I have VERY little patience for line shoppers, and I'm not nor have ever been pregnant! It's so rude, if you're in line or cashing out you are DONE shopping, don't run back and forth!!!

    Good for you for saying something and hooray for an apologetic store manager!

  2. lol. Don't mess with a mama with extra hormones. I know this one all too well.

  3. Just as Alicia said, don't mess with Momma hormones.

    I've also been where you are and wished I said something. I also appreciate when the clerk cancels the order until the customer is ready.

  4. This made me laugh and think back on all my hormonal episodes when I was pregnant with my daughter...

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Pht, Even not pregnant I probably would have gotten that mad. I totally understand.

  6. That's good that the manager gave you a discount. That is as it should be. When I hear stories like this I get more bent out of shape about similar things happening at doctors' offices, and how the doctors NEVER have to apologize or discount. Grrr!

  7. I'm with Anastasia, It doesn't take pregnancy hormomes to piss me off about stuff like that. Score on the savings, tho ;)



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