Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordful Wednesday - Wyatt's 5th bday

I'm finally posting about Wyatt's 5th birthday.  Turns out that if I try to avoid it, it doesn't go away.  My baby boy is 5 and is growing up way too fast right before my eyes.  I tried not to blink or close my eyes at all, but I have to face the facts that he will be 15 before I know it.  I'm trying to hold on to all the "I need my mommy" moments while they are still here. 

This is the kid that makes me laugh hysterically and my eyes shine with pride.

He's the one that gently held my heart in his hands while Dale and I experienced one of the worst parts of our lives.

He's the one that made my dreams come true.

My Wyatt.  My 1st born.  My forever baby boy.

The weather has been perfect for his party every year.  Thank goodness.  He had a great time with all of his cousins.

Waylon peeing filling the pool.

His bday gift was a massive swing set his daddy and PaPa built him.  He had some help from Uncle Ed too.  This year instead of toys we gave everyone the option on pitching in on the swing set fund.  Those boys have way more toys than they know what to do with.  It was a pretty cool thing to do and a gift they will use for years. 

Blowing out his candle.  Yes, the cake table is actually a table saw!  Hey, I was sick that day with a horrible stomach virus whatever worked.

Dishing out the good stuff.

Yes, Wyatt is a boy but he is secure in his little boyhood and he LOVES strawberry.  You should hear how excited he gets over strawberry milk.

Wyatt and his cuz.  These two bonded well!  I think this was where she was telling him how gross he was for his continuously loud farts.

Nom Nom!

Waylon's mess

He didn't feel that good that day either, but he is still yummy!

Water balloon toss

Water balloon fight

More with his cousins!

Thankfully it wasn't me he was after.  My mom had my camera and was under attack.

Where Weston hung out when he wasn't eating.

Waylon, Stella, Dryden, Wyatt, and Lucy.  Connor was in the pool I think.  What a great pic of my boys and their cousins.

It was a fun day and Wyatt had a blast.  Another year, buddy!  I just can't believe it.  I love you to pieces.

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  1. Peeing in the pool! Haha! That is a nice swing set. And I love your backyard!

  2. Your boys are all such handsome guys! Happy 5th birthday to your little/big boy Wyatt! :)

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  4. looks like such a fun party! why on earth do they grow up sooo fast!

  5. I have similar shots of JDaniel filling out wading pool. The party looks wonderful.

  6. My baby boy just turned 5 as well. Amazing how fast they grow up!

  7. That's my kinda party! Happy birthday little man!

  8. Aw. I know it's hard to watch your babies grow up. Just this week we are experiencing first pimples and new body hair. Heaven help me. But your party looks like a blast and a total success. Such fun pics to capture this fun milestone in his life! And your photog skills are getting better all the time.

  9. great pics! We are building a playfort for our back yard too.



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