Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obsession, You're my obsession

A few weeks back I turned the corner from our living room and saw this image on my bed.  My thought: "What are all of those freakin shoes doing on my bed?  Dale must be cleaning out his closet again."  Sure enough.  If you don't know Dale you wouldn't know that he is a shoe freak.  Not only is he a shoe freak but he is a Michael Jordan shoe freak.  He has more shoes than I could ever dream of having. 

Are you grossed out that shoes are on the bed?  Well don't be because half (actually, probably more than half) of these shoes have never been worn.  He is obsessed.  I call it ridiculous he calls it a "life achievement".  Um, huh???!!!!  (not all of these on the bed are Jordan's)        

                           This is 4 rows deep                        oh, wait not done yet, look over there!

He has this cousin and ever since he was little his cousin was a Michael Jordan fan and so Dale became a Michael Jordan fan just like he became a Beretta GTZ fan back in the 90's when they were actually decent cars.  Thank you, Jeremy!  He worked countless summers saving up money to buy his own MJ's.  I think I know the story of every single one of them.  Even the ones that got stolen at a gym when he was in middle school and which ones he sold to his best friends in school.  And how the best Christmas ever was when his mom got him some as his Christmas present.

These things ARE NOT cheap!!!  Thankfully he has scaled back, but I have heard him mumble something about on his way to 100.  Seriously!  100 plus shoes that he will never wear???  He says when he is gone I am to give them to the boys and they can do whatever they want with them.  Yes, Wyatt already has several pairs of J's.  Waylon has yet to get his own pair that aren't hand me down's from his brother.  Come on, they are way too expensive for how fast they grow out of them.  But, he has had some bless his feet none the less.

So thank you, Michael Jordan for giving my husband a hobby besides buying a new car every year or so.  You could lower your price though!  I mean, geesh!  It's a good thing he has his own closet!!!  And if he thinks I am ever standing in a line that is miles long, or getting up at the crack of dawn, or sitting by the computer, or having 2 phones going again to get him any of these shoes he is Caaarazy!!!! 


  1. 1st off, my first car was the Baretta GTZ and now I'm kinda embarassed.

    2nd, this is sick! I own not one pair of Louboutins and I bet you don't either. This is sick sick sick seeing his boxes upon boxes. Sick.

    3rd, when we were little my brother got two new pairs of Jordans each year and my dad would give me the $120 to be fair and I'd buy at least 5 pairs of shoes. And an Orange Julius.


  2. Holy. CRAP!
    not baseball cards? Or like cigars or something? That's a crazy amount of shoes.

  3. Wow, I have heard of girl's having an obsession with shoes, but not a guy! Does he wear them or are they just for display?

  4. Holy k'moly!!! Every guy I know has an obsession for sneakers but good golly Ms. Molly!! Your husband needs a 12 step program!! LOL!!! However, I am VERY impressed!



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