Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thanks for noticing

So I missed the D-Day post yesterday.  Anyone notice???!!!  I knew you did.  You guys are the best!  Was there a reason?  HMMM????  There might be.  There might not be. 

Dale is leaving me.  He packed up his bags last night and was gone this morning.  I guess he was sick of my mood swings as of late, decided to leave me to be a single mom, and shipped off.

No, that was mean and I don't even have it in me to continue.  Dale did actually leave me though.  He is headed to state with his kiddos to earn some hardware on the good ol' Jeff City track.  And indeed I am a single mom for 3 days at the worst time of the month!  God, give me the patience.  Actually, I am sure we will have a blast.  Not because Dale is gone, but this is when I get my most creative on things to do to keep them busy and entertained.

Speaking of the worst time of the month, I have racked up quite a few flip offs for Flip Off Friday.  I haven't ever participated, but I have a good list to take the leap.  So tune in tomorrow to see what has ticked me off this week.  I hope I don't forget them by then.  Usually things bother me for a couple of hours and then I forget about it unless it is something major of course! 

Wish the Tigers luck as they have a blast down at state true Coach Sharp style.  I'm secretly wishing I was going with him.  Maybe next year when Waylon is a little older.  I'm sure I wouldn't get annoyed by all of their silly fun.  There will be farting, stupid jokes, loud ridulous noises (yes that is different from farting), laughing, eating at Ryan's, and telling the manager that it is someone's birthday for the never ending joke on a poor naive soul.  Can't wait to hear about their fun AND GET MY HUSBAND BACK! 


  1. I thought it was beacuse you were having to shave your face. Man, thank god for track meets. I bet he is so glad so be gone. lol.

  2. I'm so gullible! I felt really weird reading it (like I didn't know better that you would NOT post that) and started getting mad at him! Good luck at state and I'm glad you'll get your husband back soon!

  3. Oh! You soooo scared me! This is my first visit and I thought "crap! what do I say??"!!

    Thanks for swinging by my blog - I'll be back because I can't wait to see your Friday Flip Offs :)

  4. OH my gosh, Had me for a sec-- don't do that! Good luck being single mom for 3 days. Can't wait to hear your Friday Flips.




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