Monday, May 17, 2010

My sister

Saturday, my momma's birthday, we headed downtown KC to attend a special event and support my big sister in her 2nd ever fitness model competition. It was quite an experience. I never thought I would go to a body building competition, but I got to and it was really interesting. There are some people that look fantastic and then the majority of others that look completely over done! Here are a couple of videos and pictures to give you a sense of the experience. Just imagine the sweet aroma of spray tan and an audience full of bulky bodies clapping and shouting for those on stage.

(Sorry for the dark photo. Not the best lighting conditions)
This is my sister right before she went on stage with her fiance, Chad. Chad actually has a tan, but my sister completely over powers it here. Got to love the spray tan! I love to hate you, Chadica!

She did awesome. She received 5th in her class. I think that she should have placed even higher. She did a great job and looks phenomenal!

Enjoy the videos as ridiculously shaky and amateur as they might be : )! We didn't know exactly when she would be on, so I wasn't completely prepared.

Here is a little something she wrote in my mother's day card this year:

"I always thought you were so awesome playing softball...
It always gave me goosebumps watching you run track...
I always wondered what you and Dale's kids would be like...
Well, they are amazing and the most incredible thing I've seen you do yet, is to be their mother!
You are so inspiring"

I am inspiring?! I am so proud of her. I wasn't able to attend her 1st show a few weeks ago because of our cousin's passing and getting prepared for her birthday party, but I tried to leave her a message like 4 times. I couldn't just say I am proud of you and thinking of you and I wish you a ton of luck without getting completely choked up.

Way to go, T! YOU are inspiring! Love you seesta!


  1. wow a body building sister. that had to be cool. im your newest follower from blogfrog mom loop

  2. How neat to have a sister! I hope you'll visit my blog soon and venture on a great journey with me... I explain in today's post. Have a great day!

  3. Wow. That's kinda cool to have those genes. Haha. No, She looks great and you seem to have a sweet relationship. And man, that's some powerful spray tan.

  4. So cool! She looks gorgeous. I am so glad you got to attend this show. I remember how much you wanted to be at the first one. The card she wrote you just warms my heart. Beautiful!

  5. Impressive! Seriously! Your spray tan comments made me think of my 21 year old niece, who joined this facebook group something like "spray tan: there's a fine line between looking good and looking like a dorito"
    gawd, did I laugh!

  6. Whoa! Congrats! I love sister love! My seastars are my favorite people.

    All of us, though, are constantly climbing the fitness mountain. Your sister is amazing.

    That is a beautiful card!



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