Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Flip Offs

My first Friday Flip Off.  This is the mastermind of kludgymom and enjoyed at so many other spots.  Once you have read here head over to kludgymom and enjoy the rest.  Feel free to join in on the fun or stress relief.

This is a way to get rid of the “weekday angst and frustration before heading into the weekend. I virtually flip off whoever is on my last nerve. It’s very cathartic.”

So let the action begin....
To Aunt Flo visiting and all the preparation that is involved.  Flip Off.

To my bloated gut.  I hate you.  As much as I would love to be pregnant, I'm not.  So, stop being so dramatic!  Flip Off!

To being a single mom for 3 days.  Flip Off

To the stinkin people that drive slow in the passing lane. At least do the stinkin speed limit.  Fffllllip Off.

For the people that don’t have an ounce of common courtesy and won’t let you merge onto a highway for fear of losing their place in the never ending, slow moving line of traffic. I just need in the other lane people. Let me over for Pete’s sake! Waiving hand flip off.

For the guy who is letting his ego get in the way because he thinks he knows everything and can do it better.  Learn the hard way d-bag.  Flip Off.

To whatever I ate that has made my stomach gurgle for 2 days.  Flip Off.

To me for ever thinking it was a good idea to let Waylon have his binki past a year.  Flip Off.

To the seemingly never ending rain. I would really like to feel the sun on my skin again sometime soon.  Flip Off.

For it being the 21st of May and only having 9 days to get Wyatt’s birthday party planned.  Flip Off.

To going shopping this week and not finding one damn thing. NOT. ONE.  FLIP OFF!

Hope you got a chuckle from my frustrations and that you have a great weekend!  I would love to read yours.  Just head on over to kludgymom to join in and read the rest.  Oh, and to not knowing how to do the linky thing... FLIP OFF!  (UPDATE:  Sorry I flipped you off self for not knowing how to do the linky thing.  It was much easier than I thought.  Just had to try it, stupid!)


  1. Wow! What entertaining FFO's! They gave me a nice giggle.

    Have a great weekend, Tayarra!

  2. Absolutely hilarious. You get a triple "Amen" for all the traffic-related ones. HA!

    Aren't flip offs great?

  3. Great first FFO girl. I can tell you've been saving them up for some time. I can just imagine the hand motioning one. lol. And can SOO relate to the stomach and aunt flo ones- I'm flippin them off too. Sorry for the rest. Well deserved flips. What are you shoppin for?

  4. Let it all out girl!!!! That was a major rant!!!! I hope you feel better!!!

    I hate bloated guts and I hate Aunt Flo (which never comes when she should) and I hate gurgling stomachs.

    Good luck on party planning :)

  5. cute blog.... i have fun reading through some of your older posts.
    i am your newest follower!

  6. I hate those people who won't let you in when you try to merge onto the freeway. It's called common courtesy! I always let at least one person in when I'm stuck in traffic like that. I'm flipping those rude people off along with you!
    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.



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