Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mr. Sharp

Time to talk a little more about Dale. I don't feel like I talk enough about what he's got going on in his world too much. If you don't know he is a PE and Health teacher at a high school near our hometown, a rival school in fact. He also coaches football; d-backs and receivers, and he is the head track coach. He likes his job, but gets stressed about it as well. I don't give him near enough credit when people ask me what my husband does. I usually say he plays games with kids all day, that's not technically true. He works hard and is good at what he does. Many of the kids respond well to him and he connects with a lot of them. It is really hard to go to school every day, teach those kids and not get attached to some.

Some of you readers were involved in athletics in high school and in college, so you might know how much fun it is to take trips to games or state or something along those lines. A road trip with a bunch of teenage kids is always a great time, right! Well, it always was for us. Track state was one that was always a blast. We had some freedom, the coaches were in a different mindset and relaxed a little and everyone was able to enjoy everyone else's company.

Dale is now in a coaching role to take those kids to state and he makes it an experience they will never forget. It is special and memorable for the kids not just because it is a level not everyone reaches, but the coaches make it special for them, kind of like rewarding them for all of their hard work and accomplishments throughout the season. Dale comes back from track state refreshed and alive just in time to start the summer. It is a great time for him and his athletes. When some of the kids that have graduated come back to football games they still talk about how fun state was.

Well, a new opportunity might be knocking on Dale's door. As the current Athletic Director leaves it opens the door for that position. Eventually Dale would like to take that seat, but now? I don't think he is too sure. Some are requesting that this AD position not allow for coaching as it currently does. If that passes I don't think Dale is ready to give the coaching side up. We will be praying for direction as the last part of this school year unfolds.

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