Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Vic!!!

Happy Birthday to Victor. Welcome to the exclusive 30 club! You don't look a day over 16 ; )!

Dale's dad – no broken bones just a lot of major tissue damage. He will need an MRI to see what exactly is going on there. Not sure when he will do that, still immobile.

Dale's grandma – still in the hospital – no change.

Dale's mom – still there with her.

Had the best goodnight prayer and storytelling time (he did the telling) last night with Wyatt. Hopefully soon I will get that on video. It is too precious not to share. He can almost say the Lord's Prayer thanks to his daddy, simply amazing!

Waylon has been saying "I love you". He actually mimics the sounds doesn't actually say the words but it still counts!!!

Me – this week in the midst of chaos … no yelling or freaking out … VICTORY for the week! Keep it up, T! And tonight, some celebrating with some really GREAT friends for Vic's b-day!

Had a great, heart touching, lunch! God has blessed me in all aspects of my life!!!

This week is coming to an end, which I wished to go quickly at the beginning of the week and it has, but I still feel good amongst everything that has happened this week. Dale's dad, Dale's grandma, Waylon's crankiness, and the added pressures at work… a major delivery in our project and the news that the best PM we have is hitting the road. I've learned a ton from this lady and am so sorry that she is leaving. She has left HUGE shoes to fill! So far, I'm not letting this extra pressure get to me because if you remember I already am playing a new role, but someday that might come.

I'm looking forward to having a good time tonight and doing nothing else this weekend except for chilling with my guys! Hope you all have a good one!

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