Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Curve Ahead…

It doesn't stay quiet for long around our parts. Once things calm down, we should be gearing up for the next unexpected turn of events. Waylon got over his hives and you can hardly tell they were there. Great, what next, you ask? Dale's dad slipped on the ice yesterday while he was chaining a load. He is a truck driver who hauls crushed cars. I guess he slipped once and twisted his knee then tried to get back up again, but both of his legs gave way and he landed on the ground again. He laid there, gave himself some time to recover in the cold weather and tried to get up again, this time his legs buckled again and he ended up bending one of them backwards, twisting it really bad. He laid there for about 30 minutes before he could muster the strength to get on his hands and knees to crawl to the back of the trailer, which took about another 30 minutes, so he could try to get someone's attention for help. Someone finally came to the rescue and it took 3 or 4 grown men to get him into the office. He gave himself time to recover, started feeling better, made a slow trip to the bathroom and back having to hold onto something the whole way. He sat back down to recover a bit more, felt better and decided he could get up and try to head back home with his load. He got up, took a few steps and his legs gave way again and he headed to the ground, but not before hitting his head on whatever was behind him. At this point I guess he was pretty upset and convinced the guys to get him in his truck so he could come home. I know, right! He can't walk, how in the world would he be able to drive a semi home? Someone dropped his trailer and he made the 2 plus hour drive home. I can't believe he did that. But he did. He called Dale's sister on the way home for her to get some people together to get him out of his truck. Fast-forward awhile, I had to work late, Dale was home with the boys, Dale's sister was on the verge of a meltdown, but he got home and refused to be taken to the ER, REFUSED!!! It took 3 people to get him out of his truck and home. Needless to say it was a lllloooonnnnggg night for everyone.

I don't think Dale would admit it, but he is scared to death. This most likely will end his dad's trucking career and we don't even want to think about the road to recovery here and all the mountains there will be to climb. He hates to see his dad like this. All the while, Dale's grandma is in the hospital and not doing well, so his mom is there with her and can't be home to take care of her husband. Could you imagine, trying to do your best to have your mom hang on and nursed, hopefully, back to health and then have your husband flat on his face not being able to work and continue the income stream AND be in pain and needing constant help? I bet she is probably on the verge of a meltdown, but I haven't been able to talk to her yet. I'm doing what I can to support the family, watching our nephew so Dale's sister, a nurse, can tend to her dad, calling Grandma Vada to make sure she isn't going to have a panic attack over the worry for her son, making room in our lives so Dale can be with his dad and do what they need to do.

I wish I could do more. This family has always been there for us whenever we needed it like this time, and any time we need a babysitter, or someone to pick the boys up early, or needed support after our miscarriage, or needed support when we brought home a new baby, twice : ), or when we were still dating and going through a rough patch. ALWAYS, they are always there for us selfishly and happily. I prayed for them last night asking God to wrap his hands around Linda protecting her in this time, allowing her to keep peace and focus, and for Bill to ease the pain and soften that hard head of his to allow what treatment he needs to be done. And for Grandma Vada for peace in her heart even though she is sick with worry, and his Grandma Maxine, and … for Dale and for myself to allow God to put my feelings aside and give Dale all the love and support and time he needs to be with his dad. It would be really easy for me to get selfish right now and upset that Dale isn't home helping me take care of the kids and honestly I started to let myself go there last night when it was late and I had to get the kids to bed and they were beyond cranky and I hadn't had a thing to eat! But, I stopped that thought and realized how selfish it was and not fair to him. This isn't about me at all.

Dale's dad did agree to go to the dr first thing this morning. Dale stayed home with him to get him around and help with whatever he needed. I will keep you all updated on how this journey goes. We all could use your prayers as well.

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