Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I finally found something I am really, really good at...

Making horrible decisions!!!

Yes, I made a bad decision about the dog over Christmas. I have made other bad decisions in my life, but really don't want to go there. This morning I made another bad decision. I am horrible at listening to that little voice in my head that warns me against stuff like this, but why? Why do I continue to ignore that voice and let my own "I can do it" attitude about everything take over? It is so frustrating and is costing me money. When will I learn?

This morning I was driving the Tahoe to work because it has 4 wheel drive which comes in really handy on all of those side streets in the city. I was turning onto a road and it started making a funny sound and flashed that I need to check my tire pressure and service the 4WD. Great! We are expecting snow again tomorrow. I need the 4WD. I turned off the auto 4WD and pulled onto a side road to see if the tires were ok. Everything looked fine to me but what do I know. I got back on the highway with the 4WD off and continued on my way to work. I was thinking on the way that we really need to have 4WD for tomorrow because of the snow or I wouldn't be going to work. I reached for my phone to call Dale to see what he would suggest and as I am looking at my phone I got way too close to the side of the road that has no shoulder. By the time I looked up I tried to get back on the road but the lack of 4WD slid the Tahoe right into a ditch covered in snow up to my knees.

You can't believe it, right?! That is exactly what I was thinking. I know that I should not be screwing around with my phone when I am trying to drive. I know better than that, but getting side tracked by my own agenda and my "I can do it" attitude (multi-tasking) I got bit in the rear by my decision. I had to end up calling Dale's dad to see if he could come get me. What a pain in the rear I am!!!!! I felt horrible. Not only did I inconvenience myself, I had to inconvenience someone else. I am a type of person that HATES to disappoint people, HATES IT! He came and tried to rescue me, but he couldn't get me out so he took me to the gas station to call a tow truck. The tow truck finally came and was able to pull me out. The Tahoe is fine, snow packed, but fine and the 4WD was even working. I guess we fixed that problem, hopefully! It could have been worse, a lot worse. It feels like I have no power steering right now and my brakes are horrible because of all of the snow, but I am hoping it will melt and everything will be fine.

I came back home and parked it in the garage. I never did get a hold of Dale and I so do not want to tell him that I have made another bad decision and it cost us more money. I feel like such an idiot and again, I don't want him to be disappointed in me. He has every right to be! I'm sure he will act like everything is fine, but I still know what he is really thinking and that is the part that gets me.

Everything is fine, nothing is hurt, we are down $100 bucks and some of my pride, but I guess I just need to get over it and praise God that I didn't get hurt and that the Tahoe is just fine. The sinful part of me just wants to throw another pity party. Thank God for my in-laws. They are always there for us, there and willing to help us out in any crappy situation. They are the best and they don't get nearly enough credit for that! Now I am going to let myself get over this and not stress about what I am going to say to Dale. I am just going to tell him what happened because it is what it is and I can't change any of it now.


  1. Quit beating yourself up. Lesson learned and next time you'll be more careful. And YES you are a pain in the butt!!



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