Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Christmas

Our Christmas was good. You will see later that we got that puppy. She is cute. Things didn't go as planned but we have a German Shepherd puppy at home and she is cute. I will tell you the story in a little while.

We got a ton of snow and we live on top of a hill so we got a ton of drifts. Big, tunnel building drifts. Here is an attempt to get a picture of Wyatt and Waylon together for the 1st time for sledding this year picture.

It took him awhile to figure out how to walk in all of these clothes. But, he did it and got pretty good at it eventually.

Wyatt is burying his brother. Don't worry, they had enough clothes on to be sweating under there despite what their cheeks say.

I just can't get enough of this cheesy face.

This is all the snow on the steps to our entry way. Those are benches the snow drift is covering.

1st tunnel.

Away they go.

View from the road of our house. The picture doesn't do it justice, but those drifts were out of control!

Dale finally got us plowed out to go enjoy Christmas with the Sharp's.

Papa reading The Night Before Christmas to the boys! So sweet. He didn't get to the end : )! Attention spans, ha!

Bad boys!

So it is time to tell the story as I take a big deep sigh! As I mentioned I found a place that had German Shepherds for sale right by our house and they had a male, PERFECT! That is exactly how I wanted it to go down. I get to this place, also known as the creepiest place on earth. I should have taken a picture, but didn't want to give the owner's any other reason to kidnap me. I am only 1/2 joking. I was so freaked out that I wouldn't go back by myself to get the dog on Christmas Eve. So, they told me they had a male. I drove out there saw 2 puppies and neither were males. Oh, it was also the dirtiest and smelliest place on earth. I was caught off guard and already had my mind set on getting my boys a puppy for Christmas, that I decided to give the lady some money to hold her for me if I decided I wanted to take her. I already stopped at Wal-Mart and bought all the new puppy stuff. I just couldn't say no. I got so stressed out about it and upset that I ended up discussing it with Dale before Christmas, ruining the surprise.

Why do I get my mind set on things? It gets me every time! Dale didn't say no and said we could go get her. I still felt guilty about it the entire time. Remember, this was more for Dale than the boys. He has always wanted a German Shepherd and he wanted a puppy. Well, he meant in a few years after, God forbid, Marcus passed. Oh, this was disclosed only after we went to pick up the dog and the deal was done. So we got her. She is adorable. She got a bath 1st off, peed and pooped in our house a few times, mainly on the wood floor, thank you! And she has got the sharpest puppy teeth and claws. Waylon only likes her when she is in her crate for this reason. Wyatt has learned that he needs to make her mind! Oh, and she had worms even though her shot record said she has been wormed. That was exactly what I wanted around my toddler that picks up everything off the floor and puts it in his mouth, yuck! It was off to the vet as soon as I could get her in. Thanks to mom and dad for having a crate we could borrow. That was a life savor.

What I ended up doing was ruining Christmas for my husband and myself because I threw a huge pity party about how bad I suck at Christmas. Nice!!! I brought home more responsibility and stress because I needed a lot more of that!

She isn't all bad! She is adorable and soft, notice I didn't say sweet yet, she is way too hyper right now to be sweet! She sleeps all night and for the first few days she wasn't messing in her crate at all, but then started peeing in it this weekend, right before her 1st week of spending long days in it while we are at work. Great, more baths and cleaning up after little ones for me. It won't be like this for long. She will get potty trained and calm down a little and then our boys can really start to enjoy her, right!?! It has brought a cute and funny side out of the boys though. You will see. Wyatt likes to mother her and Waylon loves to pester her when she is in her crate. And when she isn't in her crate, he likes to go in there. (I make sure it is clean before he enters)

Now that is sweet right!!!

The 1st meeting. She was tired and took it easy on them.

Waylon telling her hi. Oh, her name is Jerry Lee, ha ha! Yeah, I said she was a female. She is named after the German Shepherd in K9, the movie.

When Wyatt 1st saw her. That was similar to the face I was hoping to see on Dale. I can take this as enough!

Marcus was the least bit thrilled!

After her bath.

Below are some pics of the boys and the tree.

He reminds me of Buddy the Elf here.

Love that face!

And this is when you know you have tortured them for too long!

I love these little boots on these fat little legs of my pot bellied baby boy!

Daddy was messing with the camera. This is his new favorite thing to eat.

Something was exciting.

He got face paint for Christmas, something he kept telling us he wanted. Papa and Nae Nae got him some and when he opened it he ran to them, hugged them and told them thank you. I don't know why he wanted it so badly.

Me and Waylon on New Year's Eve. He loves that necklace!

Red cheeked with Grandma Vada after sledding one day.

Waylon got a little pony for Christmas. Wyatt likes it too.

There's my pot bellied baby cowboy!

We had a great Christmas and New Year's. I loved being at home with my boys sleeping in and doing nothing in the mornings except eating breakfast and talking about getting our "duds" on to go sledding. After I got over my pity party, of course!

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  1. The dog is very cute. I hope that life gets easier for you with her. Love puppys but they are work. Peyton also got that horse for Christmas and loves it!



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