Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Please let this be the worst of it!

So as I am reading this Total Money Makeover book, I am reading about the Emergency Funds. They recommend a $1000 Emergency Fund when you are trying to get your debt snowball rolling. I'm thinking that isn't nearly enough, is it? He also keeps talking about emergencies happening and I am wondering, what emergencies will we have through this process? Part of the question answered, the Tahoe still has no power steering and the brakes are horrible so something else is going on there. Dale called late last night on his way home and said the transmission just went out in my car. His truck will barely start because of the battery. So, we own 3 vehicles, have a loan on one of them, actually and none of them are reliable right now. I think we can classify this as an emergency! Good thing we haven't officially began our gazelle like intensity yet! This might set us back a bit.

I am so thankful for my husband and how he can chill me out. When my head wants to explode, and I want to scream, and cry, and throw something, and feel sorry for our current situation, he comes in with a smile on his face and says that he heard I had a terrific day too. He wasn't mad, upset, disappointed in me, nothing. He took about a million pounds off of my shoulders for a minute with that 1 second exchange of conversation. Sure, this situation sucks, but we could be living through a lot worse. I'm just trying to keep that thought at the forefront. I know we will go through phases of really being angry and stressed out about what to do next. We just need to keep it in perspective. (That's what I keep telling myself as I have a sick feeling in my stomach!)

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