Tuesday, February 16, 2010

30 - You're treating me well so far...

My birthday was great. I just want to say how thankful I am to have the husband God blessed me with. What a great guy. He doesn't get enough credit for it, ESPECIALLY from me, but that is my fault and I am working on it. Friday that great guy had flowers delivered to my work. This may not sound like something out of the ordinary for some of you, but for him this is huge! He way went out of his way for me there. They are beautiful … see

And Tulips... they are one of my favorites. I don't know if he knows that, but they were perfect. And he almost made me cry in front of my co-workers because it was so thoughtful and sweet. The card was really sweet too. It was a Valentine's day gift early.
Dale is so great! He got us a memory foam cover for our bed, nice! He also helped me clean the house and get everything ready for everyone to come over. He also gave me some time to myself to go do a little shopping yesterday on my day off. He is so thoughtful! I love him!

Just a quick picture of silly Jerry Lee. She is getting so stinkin huge. I was actually able to pet her last night before she went out and she didn't bite at all. We are making progress.

Silly Wyatt. He wasn't too happy that he didn't get to take a bath with his brother this time. More on that later...
Here is a quick pic of his new hair cut. I did it and I am kind of proud of it. The other side doesn't look as good around his ear, but for the most part it looks really good. The ears are the hard part, but Wyatt always does so good at sitting still.

Why is this so much fun???? He will throw a fit if you take that cup away from him. More on why the water looks like that in a minute...

And here he is. Poor baby. He woke up from his nap on Saturday with a 102.4 fever. He just got off of an antibiotic, so I couldn't believe he was sick again, but I didn't know what else it could be, teething maybe??? Anyway he had a couple of spots on the back of his thighs and has had diarrhea because of the meds, but I didn't think much of it. Then Sunday morning he woke up looking like this. I thought chicken pox because of the amount of dots all over him. He has been vaccinated but I was thinking it was a break through. I was convinced that is what we were dealing with but they never blistered so I second guessed that. We tried an Aveeno bath (hence the look of that water) and then I gave him some benedryl, which quickly started clearing him up, thank goodness. I can't for the life of me figure out what caused this break out. When he had hives last it was because of fabric softener and they showed in the form of whelps on his legs and arms, but not on his face or his diaper area. These were all over the place, face, bottom, arms, legs, hands, feet, the back of his neck, everywhere. I don't think he ate anything new and I haven't changed any kind of soap, so it is a mystery to me. He is almost cleared up now with the help of the benedryl. The little spots he had on his legs now look like little bruises. Last night he was in great spirits.

Oh, he also got a hair cut!
See the before pic...

My mom and dad got all the boys balloons for Valentine's Day. So sweet. Will loves balloons. Wyatt made an instrument out of his. Pretty creative until he busted it.

More of Waylon's spots...

Papa seeing what his Wii age is. 78, Papa, I think you have some work to do : )! I'm one to speak, my first attempt was 74!

Will making silly faces. He was the life of the party. He kept everyone really entertained. As he was leaving I told him I will send his check in the mail for the entertainment. He gave me big kisses and they were on their way. He is so fun right now and what a cutie.

Air Jordan, with the help of his daddy! Look at that form. Dale's dream : )!!!!!

My little b-ballers! This is the best part of the game!

This was Waylon's first time on the court. He loved it just like his big bro. Go Waylon!

Here is 1 of my 3 birthday cakes, yes 3, one for each decade of my life. This one was Red Velvet thanks to my sis-in-law! I got a peanut butter sheet cake from my Grandma(-in-law?) and my mom made a chocolate double layer cake. Yum!!!! But, no ice cream cake, just sayin.
It was a great birthday minus the swats I got! Yes, I got swats thanks to my sister's fiance, my sister, and my dad. I thought they were going to do them all on the same cheek, it was getting pretty painful, thankfully they switched over, whew!
It was a great weekend! My 30's isn't starting off too bad. I need to change my description and I have a lot of new things I need to accomplish this decade, being a better WIFE, mom, daughter, sibling, WOMEN, etc! Here's to a new beginning (I'll take my drink Friday!)

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  1. Don't those kids just scare you silly sometimes? Maryanna broke out in hives last summer completely out of the blue. They were there and gone again so fast it was almost like I imagined them except for the pics I managed to get. I'll have to send you one.



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