Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Truth and an update

"A sweet friendship refreshes the soul." Proverbs 27:9 (MSG)

One of the deepest needs we have in life is the need to be understood. We all desperately need to feel that somebody can feel what we're feeling and understand what we're thinking. We all need people who connect with us.

Courtesy of Rick Warren… again!

This is so, so true and what I have been feeling since the beginning of getting serious with this blog. What a difference rekindling relationships with friends has made to me and my life. It has completely made me a better person! Every time I get to spend time with my friends it does feel refreshing even if we have to yell at each other across the table because the music is WAY too loud : )! My voice is still cracking.

Vic's b-day was good. I am sure he was hurting the next morning. The catch up time with the girls was also great!

Waylon is still being cranky most of the time unless daddy is around and then his day is made unless daddy leaves his sight again. The outlook for those terrible two's is putting a sick feeling in my stomach!

Wyatt is still being sweet and cuddly!

Dale's grandma hasn't changed.

Dale's dad went to the dr yesterday and they found that he ruptured BOTH of his hamstrings (tendon was disconnected from the knee). They admitted him and he will be having surgery this afternoon. Prayers! He will have a cardiac scan first. Since he has let his diabetes and hypertension go so long they really don't know what all is going on with his heart.

Linda is holding up well so far despite not being able to remember anything … I wonder why, she doesn't have much going on. I am going to try my hardest to look up diabetic recipes and hopefully be able to send them some food in the next few weeks to return the favor they have done for us SO many times! If you know any really good ones, let me know! He likes his sweets, but can't have them!

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  1. My dad's diabetic and my sister makes him this soda cake. It's like a jello cake. It has caffiene free diet soda, sugar free cool whip, cake mix and I just realized without the full recipe I'm no help! Maybe you can google it.

    I'm not a baker so I go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and buy him sugar free chocolates and cherry cordials.



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