Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Good Night!

Dale's dad got through his surgery and it went well. Well, the actually surgery was successful, but apparently the dr couldn't even handle the pain Bill was experiencing afterwards. They had to give him a nerve block to give him some relief. Looks like a long recovery, 6 weeks with no weight on either of his legs. Dale's poor mom!

Anyway, I just had to share what a great night we had because I don't do that often enough and yes, I do consider being home alone and 2 biting attempts still to be a successful night.

Dale was with his dad so me and the boys were alone for the night. When we were eating dinner they pretended like he was coming through the door and both of them would say, da, da, da, DADDY at the same time at the top of their lungs while looking at the direction in which Dale usually appears. It was pretty sweet. Have I mentioned that Waylon STILL won't even attempt to say momma! Not even the slightest attempt. He says, grandma, grandpa, Nae Nae, Pa Pa, Daddy, up, down, NO, ball, dog, ease (please), some form of thank you, drink, just to name a few things. You would think he could muster out a measly little mmmmm, but no!

Anyway, Waylon was in a great mood last night. He helped me pick out things I needed for dinner, danced and sang while playing his guitar and then sat patiently until I was ready to give him some food. It was a miracle and felt so good.

We quickly finished dinner and headed for bath time which he always loves until we have to get out and he has to put clothes on. He would run around naked all the time if he had the choice. He thinks it is the funniest thing ever! I have to admit, it is pretty cute until he pees on my floor!

So, he was in a good mood until the clothes had to be put back on and then he got mad that his brother sat in the chair he wanted and went after him with a mouth wide open. Thankfully I saw it coming. He had to sit in timeout, giving me a dirty look the entire time. Oh, to be loved! You know he is only about 17 months old, right?! He was able to get down, I made him "apologize" and we were good for 2 minutes until he went in for another attempt! I decided it was time for bed! It was close enough!

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