Friday, November 6, 2009

Another update on STRESS

Yesterday morning I updated my facebook status with having a good feeling about that day. I didn't know why, I wasn't expecting anything to happen, but I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and such a good feeling inside. I also felt anxious that something good was going to happen, you know that feeling you get the day before Christmas or your birthday?! It was such a clear day and I actually enjoyed driving into work with the beautiful sunrise. Anyway, I had a normal day until about 2:00 when I was to meet with a VP at work. I was a little nervous about it. I knew she wanted to talk to me and I talk to her often but this was kind of a last minute meeting. We have a girl going out on maternity leave that is running this project I have been on for 2 years. She is a Business Analyst. Well, I will be taking her spot. This is a lot of responsibility! This project is the #1 priority for our company and paves the way for our future and how we process business and I get to step in and take the reigns.

It will be a lot more stress, but I will find a way to manage it. I am just thrilled for the opportunity and for the confidence our VP and the Director of IT has in me. It was great news. And a great step in my future career. I'm just going to do the very best I can at work and keeping my stress in check. Wish me luck!!! Have a great weekend everyone! I am looking forward to a low key weekend relaxing with my boys (Dale included)!

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