Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm not really feeling bloggy today or anything for that matter. I guess I am just in a funk. Hope this one doesn't last long. I didn't sleep well, no thanks to 2 little boys who decided to take shifts! What is it about the 3 to 4am hour that makes Wyatt feel the need to wake everyone in the house up? I don't get that and it is starting to become a pattern. Frustrating!

Wyatt showed his true colors again this weekend at my parent's house. I thought we were over that!! I think part of it is because Waylon is getting more and more attention. Attention he is use to having all to himself. I hate that he gets in trouble over there and I hate that he is feeling that way. I don't know what I am going to do when he is older and starts having self esteem issues. I know they will come and it will break my heart. He is such a great kid/person and I wish he could show everyone that ALL the time! I honestly miss my time alone with him and I try to take every chance I get. Too often it is, honey I can't because I have to carry your brother, or I have to give your brother a bath, or we can't play that because we will hurt your brother. I just try to think how that answer would make me feel and it isn't good. He gets a lot of alone time with daddy and loves it! But, everyone needs their mommy, right!!!

Another reason for my funk is Stellan's story. He is having heart surgery today and hasn't had the best ride up to this point. I can't tell you why his story pulls at my heart so much. I have never met this family, don't really have a lot in common with MckMama, but I like what she puts out there and I like thinking someday maybe I can be as talented as she seems to be. Maybe it seems a little weird that her son's story can affect me so much. But, be that as it may, it still does and my heart breaks for them and the situation they have to endure. I couldn't imagine. It puts my life into perspective.

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