Friday, November 6, 2009

Mr. Waylon

I picked the boys up early yesterday to head to the dr. Wyatt is such a good helper!

Waylon is:
22.5 lbs - 40th percentile
50th percentile for height - she didn't tell me the measurement. I think I was distracted by keeping him calm on the scale.
17in head - 70th percentile for head circumference

He has had a runny nose for the past week, so I was hoping he wasn't sick and sure enough he wasn't. It is allergies or teething, one or the other. He is most definitely teething. Any day those top 2 and 4th bottom one are going to poke through and give him some relief! He had 2 shots which he took like a champ. Yes, he was mad right after it happened but he got over it quick (by the time I got his clothes on him) like he does with everything! I think he was more mad because his brother got a sucker and he didn't. I could hardly strap him in his car seat because he wouldn't take his eyes off of his bro's candy!

He wasn't even crabby for the night. He pulled his own band aid off and wouldn't stop until he got it. He didn't even act like that hurt. He was just as happy as he could be with his neck and chest soaked with baby slobber. I got slimmed a few times because he wanted raspberries on his neck over and over again. Such a cutie!

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