Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bed time

It was a long night last night. Dale was away for his last football game and it was just me and the boys. We made a trip to Wal-Mart and a trip to Sonic and then home to eat, play and take a bath. The boys were great. Wyatt has been doing so well lately. While I was giving Waylon a bath he grabbed my rings and started playing with them right next to the toilet. I immediately said, "Put those down right now." I must mention that I have been doing pretty well lately too with keeping my cool, maybe not then, but promise, I have been good. He quickly said that he was sorry and put them down. What a great boy. We had a discussion on why he was not to play with those and he understood and said he was sorry again. Maybe we have turned a new leaf in my house? I'll keep you updated on that.

I use to really not like bed time especially right before I had Waylon. This was a huge struggle with me and Wyatt. Now it is a great time to reflect on the day, pray, talk about what we need to work on the next day and what was great about the day. Plus there is plenty of kisses, hugs and cuddles. With Waylon, he loves the dark. I sing a little song to him, kiss him and snuggle with him. This is really the only time he snuggles and lays his head on my shoulder or chest. Lately he has started to try to find mouth so I will nibble on his little fingers. He just giggles. It is the cutest thing. He really loves bed time and goes down so easily. I hope that is always the case.

I will have an update soon on all of this stress stuff. I go back to the dr next Wednesday. Today Waylon has his 1 year check up, so I will be posting his stats tomorrow probably. Also, Football is now over and I get my husband back, finally! Waylon got up early this morning just so he could see his daddy. He missed him I guess!

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