Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are you ready??? Halloween and Birthday Pics

Momma got a little crazy with the spider webs! I had a good time decorating and getting serious about Halloween this year. Since this is a pretty special time around our house, I have decided to go all out and make this an annual event. One reason for Waylon's birthday and the other reason is for my dad's birthday! Waylon will either really love or really hate Halloween. By his reaction this year, I think he will really like it.

Here is Waylon and Will (my brother's boy). This was the end of the night, so binkis were in definite order!!! Our little glow in the dark skeletons!

Pa Pa getting Will. Will is a pretty serious little guy until you really get him going. We really like to get him all hyped up and crazy for daddy!

All 3 of the boys are big guitar fans. Wyatt got a guitar for Waylon's birthday. It was a party savor. Once Wyatt realized the gifts weren't for him, he about had a melt down. Thanks Nae Nae and Pa Pa for thinking of my big guy too.

The cousins playing together.

"Your bones are better than mine!"

Our one and only trick or treater, Connor (Dale's sister's son). He missed the party because he wasn't feeling well, but grandma promised to get him in his costume and out to a couple of houses so he didn't completely miss out.

Here is Will (Weeellll) in full blown costume. So cute!

See what I mean about being so serious!

And now............. my beautiful sister and her fiance, Chad. They came as the Incredibles and saying it was hilarious does not do it justice. I sent out invites telling everyone to bring their costumes. I dressed up and Dale's mom and dad dressed up, but that was all as far as the adults. Tionna and Chad walked in late (as usual) in full blown Incredibles costumes and I almost got sick from laughing so hard. T was a little bit mad at me and her first words were a shy little whisper of "I thought you said this was a DRESS UP party????!!!! They were great sports! I made them do all kinds of fun poses. Some might be a little blurry because of the inability to control my laughter while taking their picture. ENJOY!!!

He dropped her!

Too much laughter!

Maybe he isn't as strong as he looks!

AWH! That was fun!
Here is the Costume Contest winner, cousin Hannah as bat girl (Wyatt made the decision)!

All the contestants minus, Connor, Waylon, myself, the dragon boy from below and Will.

This was adorable. He was a dragon and watching him walk in this thing was hilarious. He didn't stay in it long because it was a pretty warm costume.

Wyatt just unwrapped his guitar. Look at that face!

Now the birthday boy and his messy cake.

He maybe had a total of 2 bites of it. The rest of the time he squashed his fingers through it and then flung his hands in the air. That a boy! He acted like a pro at this already!
He hammed it up. Here he is clapping!

Wyatt in control of the camera again. I need to get more creative with my costume next year. Dale was suppose to be a football player, but that didn't work out.

Dale's mom and dad. Some scary pirate guy and crazy dragon lady! Sorry for the bright sun ruining most of the pictures. Something else we need to get - blinds!!!!

Waylon's birthday gift from mommy and daddy. Wyatt REALLY liked it!

Look at that face!

My little 1 year old skeleton!
Optimis Prime
We had a great weekend! So much fun! We are looking forward to expanding the fun next year!

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