Monday, September 30, 2013

My random thoughts and my precious boys

I had a fast little jog into town this morning.  2 miles at 7:49 pace.  I hadn't run that pace on that route since last summer.  What have I been doing to get my time down?  Not running as much!

It helped that Maddox was all about getting some exercise this morning.  I could hardly get him off of his chain because he was so excited.  Then I forgot to wrap the leash around his chest.  That's a little trick his previous owner taught me, which has been a life savor.  I quickly realized how much of a life savor when his 85ish pound body took off for the road dragging me along in the wet grass behind him.  I was lucky to stay on my feet, but that was one quick warm-up! 

I only ran a couple of times last week earlier in the week.  The rest was all core or leg stuff.  I did do some hills.  I think I said I was starting to love running hills.  It helps pound a lot of stuff out. 

I've been in such a transition period.  Everything about me feels it.  Stuff I was once so sure about, I'm just not anymore. 

It has been harder for me to keep my cool and act out of love.  Funny because those things were beginning to feel like my new normal.  I have been getting those messages that are sticking out to me a lot lately.  GRACE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, GRACE.  I could of course blame this on something, but again, that's an excuse.  I should always be acting in a way of love and grace.  Especially to Dale.

I don't like phases like this as much as I do like them because they always help me focus in on areas of weakness, which always helps them get better for me. 

All real feeling.  All real life stuff. 

I attended a funeral yesterday.  That got me thinking as well.  It always does.  Life is short.  I know this and that is the driver behind me keeping me going.  It keeps me striving to be better.  It keeps me saying I'm sorry and doing what I can to improve. 

Anyway - a little update on the boys...

Wyatt is loving school.  We just had homecoming and I let them play at the park afterwards.  I'm so glad I did.  There were some boys there that are on his football team that are a grade older than him.  They had a pick up game of tackle football.  Wyatt held his own and did quite well.  I'm so proud of the boys he plays with.  Such good kids so far!  It always makes me nervous seeing him go out of his shell and play with other kids.  I want him to be loved for who he is and this mama bear "YOU BETTER LIKE AND PLAY WITH MY KID NICELY" comes out of me when there is no reason. 

He is such a good kid with such a kind heart.  His smile and laugh keeps me going for days.  I want others to see that in him always. And he can do some pretty rad flips on the trampoline!

Waylon - oh Waylon.  He is such his dad.  He is such an awesome kid but he keeps himself bottled up so much of the time.  Only those that know Waylon well, know him.  That keeps him special and the ones around him that are loved by him even more special.  He LOVES school.  He loves being a part of his brother's friends and I love that they accept him just the same.

My Weston - he does not want to be potty trained.  He knows exactly what to do and when to do it, but refuses unless I really bribe him good.  He's got a mad case of diaper rash right now because he poops 500 times a day and he's trying to fight a virus.  It's not good and it has made for some good ole tough love moments between us.  

But, my goodness  he's a tough one to be mad at.  Those huge brown eyes and the way he instinctively knows how to use them is ridiculous.  He's starting to tell me out of the blue that he loves me.  I loved this milestone with each of the boys.  Such a sweet time.  Such a sweet thing to hear in their voices.  

Waylon and Weston are best buddies.  Waylon would do anything for his baby brother.  ANYTHING!  It is clear that Weston is deeply loved by his big brothers and he knows it.  His greatest accomplishment is making his brothers break down in a huge belly laugh.  Nothing makes him more happy.  Except for maybe the IPad, which he insists is his. 

I love those little turds, fighting bedtimes, squealing, biting, bathroom ruining, pooping in their pants, this world is unfair, dead snake touching, dirty face and hands, scab picking and all.   

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  1. I think I am going through a similar phase so many things are unknown and up in the air. My prayer life is growing, but I am ready to feel stronger and more sure.



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