Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ringing In The New Year

I know, you just choked because you saw that I blogged and the only reason you clicked over is because you wanted to see if it was really true.  Well, it is, friends.  

I was just looking back at last year's "resolutions".  Wow, a little on the lame side if I say so myself!  I blew that crap out of the water.  

2013 was an amazing year!  
  • January: I was a P90x queen - beefy
  • February: I turned the glorious 33 and we had a ton of fun playing in all of the snow
  • March: I was probably trying to do a lot of running
  • April:  I rejoined a gym and started lifting again!  I was prepping for the fitness show and having amazing weekend long runs.
  • May:  Ran the furthest I had ever run in my life for a single run and it was GLORIOUS.  I also competed in this little fitness competition and felt amazing.  
  • June:  I ran my 1st ever half marathon and realized just how hard it was.  I also started up FemCity KC.  I can't forget about the Journey group that was established here either.
  • July: I thoroughly enjoyed summer and had an awesome vacation with friends and family.
  • August: Hood to Coast - my first ever relay race.  It was amazing!!!
  • September:  Cheered on the cross country kids
  • October:  My body was still fighting to find its new normal.  Had a great Halloween.
  • November:  Organized a little 5k get together to benefit LLS.  Had a great Thanksgiving.
  • December:  Took a break!  Took it easy on myself and didn't let the normal guilt of failing at every single thing linger in.  Had an amazing Christmas!

I ran some 5k's in there, got a new dog, had good and bad parenting and wife moments, loved, got mad, got over it, ate really healthy and really bad and I lived life!

I also saw that I posted this and thought it needed an update from last year.

The boys wanted to share theirs (new year's resolutions):
Wyatt (6) now 7:
  • Stop playing so much Spiderman - Now it is games of all sorts
  • Focus at school - Now - kicking butt at school
  • Only have 1 girlfriend - Is now embarrassed to talk about girls
  • Stop mooning my mom - This has thankfully stopped!
  • Stop peeing all over and leaving that pee pool down at the base of the toilet - Still happening!
  1. brush his teeth every night
  2. lose some teeth
  3. recognize when he is too tired
  4. be grateful for gifts
Waylon (4) now 5:
  • Stop inappropriately pulling my pants down - This has stopped!
  • Stop saying "balls" so much - Now, it's nuts
  • Cut out the cussing - Now - doing a lot better
  • Stop peeing all over the side of the toilet - Still happening
  • Learn to wipe my own butt - Now - it's a mix - he doesn't yell at me anymore, let's just leave it at that

  1. To not be embarrassed for the silly, awesome guy he is
  2. Hug mom more
  3. Keep kicking butt at school and loving it
  4. Get better at the last one above

Weston (23 months) now almost 3:
  • Take it easy on the meds - Now, needs to take it easy from jumping off of stuff
  • Sing more - Now, sings a lot - Jingle Bells jinglalltheway - very nasaly and as all 1 word - I love it
  • Say "jus a minute" more because my mom thinks it is adorable - Not so cute anymore
  • Stop throwing my food all over the floor when I'm done - still doing it
  • stop asking mommy to powder my butt every "biper" change. Now, begs for powder and NEEDS it! 
  1. Stop cussing
  2. Bring the sweet back
  3. Get rid of the diapers
  4. Stop jumping off of high things
  5. Leave my butt alone 
So for myself - I don't have any specific goals right now.  I want to not be so rigid.  I want to go by the seat of my pants and be ok with it.  I want to significantly reduce the amount of stress I feel.  I want to not lose my temper so much.  I want to laugh even more and let that be the norm.  I want my house being out of order to not stress me out.  I want to just be able to do as much as I can and give myself a break from what I can't.  I want to be OK with IT.  All of IT!  But I still want to move on, move up, move IT! I will continue my journey to the best me and all of this stuff gets me there.  Oh, and I want my butt in check by bikini time. Squats, lunges, step-ups, and running will be my best friends! 

Happy 2014 everybody.   

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  1. Happy New year to you, Lady! I loved reading through your kids accomplishments- not that yours weren't impressive :)
    It would be funny to do this for my own boys. Glad to see you blogging again!



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