Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Somedays to This Days

  • 3 boys
  • A full time job
  • 2 hour commute each day
  • The kids need picked up by 5
  • Dinners to fix
  • A husband who coaches and spends long hours at school, cares for our extended family, and holds another job while school is out
  • Too much cleaning to keep up with
  • Sleep
  • I’m tired
  • Social media time
  • Family time
  • Time with friends
  • Cost/money/expenses
  • Don’t have the right equipment
  • Too much homework
  • Too many after school commitments
  • I look fine in my clothes
  • I don’t know what I’m doing
  • I don’t know how to get started
  • I’m not fast
  • I don’t know the moves

That is a list of excuses I used to use to do everything I could to not break a sweat. I was an athlete all of my life. I paid my dues. I have never been overweight and was at my heaviest when I was supposed to be heavy, during pregnancy. I was an unhealthy skinny with high cholesterol, which is hereditary, but it can be controlled with the right decisions. I thought that I used to impress people with the amount of food I could eat and still keep my figure. The truth, I felt like crap. I was unhappy as a person and I was unhappy with myself, but weight wasn’t my issue.
All of these excuses still exist. And maybe if I hadn’t gone to support my sister stepping up on stage to turn pro in figure modeling I’d still be avoiding lacing up my Nikes and pulling my hair back. But, I did. I went and it lit a fire under my rear. I finally made the decision to start living the best life I could live. Life has a lot to offer. Our bodies and minds can do some amazing things. Our minds can dream, our feet can make those dreams reality, not just left at the tall office building window where you left them. It’s all about a decision.
My time of having babies was done and all that was left was raising babies and getting old.  WHAT?!  No!  For a long time this word was on repeat in my mind, “SOMEDAY”. Someday I will start praying and not fall asleep before I finish. Someday I will get back to amazing shape. Someday I would like to just get out and enjoy a run again whenever the thought hits my mind. Someday I would like to hold my shoulders back and feel confident about myself. Someday I would like to go up north and experience God’s scenery. Someday I would like to play a game of basketball or run with my growing boys and keep up with them.
Someday…. Well, who knows if I will have a someday and my boys are watching me this day. They naturally whine enough, they don’t need my influence with using excuses when things are too hard. Instead of dreaming about that bucket list and knowing it will never happen, why not write those dreams down and take a step to MAKING them happen. How about making more of those somedays into this days. And, how about you look awesome and feel awesome while doing so. That’s where I was a year ago.
Many of you that have been reading for some time know the whole story. Many of you have known me my entire life. You know me. You know what drives me.  You have inspired me in many aspects of my life. And, you have supported me. I really couldn’t be any more grateful.
This year, 2013, my 33rd year on this earth, I’m making some of those dreams reality. 3 seems to be my number this year. 12 has been my number as an athlete growing up and it stayed true to me last year as making that decision and taking steps to get healthy came true. Probably one of the top 10 most important decisions in my life.
I cracked the window last year and this year I’m pushing open doors. My sister made me an offer I really can’t refuse. She has offered to train and support me if I step on stage and compete. Up to this point we kept the physical part of our lives separate. She did what she did and I did what I did. We didn’t even really talk about fitness. As of last Monday we are combining those efforts. I don’t know the category just yet and I’m not officially registered. But, I’m doing it. Competing in this way has never really been a dream of mine, but something I thought would be pretty awesome to say I did once upon a time. I don’t plan to make this a career. Who knows if I will ever do it again, but I’d like to take this chance and go for it. Who knows what windows will be cracked or doors pushed open because of it.
I got really nervous when she pitched the idea and the thought of being on stage in heels and a bathing suit is a bit, um, like Freddy Krueger frightening. The last time I was on stage was as some Spice girl singing Wannabe. I had to morph into another personality to be able to get up there and we ROCKED it. Zigazig ah!
I just finished up session two with her and she is pinpointing physical weaknesses. Man, she’s really good at what she does and the reality of these physical weaknesses when I feel like I’m in pretty good shape is rather frustrating. I really don’t know how I will ever repay her for what all she has done for me in my life.
In January I made some resolutions/goals. Things like, be better at devotionals and reading God’s word. Stop yelling as a parent. Do better at self-discipline. Compete in races, etc. I can tell you that things are starting to fall into place. I have gotten behind in a few areas, but have made it a priority to catch back up and things are going pretty well. But, nothing started working as well until I started spending more time with God. Devotionals, listening to messages on the radio, listening to Christian music, and praying more intently. Nothing has worked quite right before I spent more time on that piece.
A few big things the next few months:
  • Find ways to incorporate my passion for running/fitness into our church and surrounding churches (if you have ideas please let me know. I’m thinking a running club or a fitness group that meets a couple times a week with volunteer babysitters. If you are in my area and interested in this please let me know and we can put our heads together. If you aren’t in my area, pray about it, please?)
  • Maybe a tattoo.  I have one in mind but we will see how things play out
  • May: Step on stage for a WBFF competition & run a 5k with my high school best friends (Gotta get with my friends! Ha Ha #spicegirlreference #friendshipneverends)
  • June: Run my 1st ever Half Marathon & celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary
  • August: See God’s scenery up in Portland as I run to the coast
So, there are a lot of big things coming in the next few months that I am beyond excited about.  Like flush in the cheeks, weak at the knees (no, that was just Tionna's workout yesterday) excited about.  I would love your support and feedback.  You can count on hearing everything about these along the way.  
And to finish this post up with some hilarity... here are some outtakes to our mini, let's get the camera out, really bad light, last minute improvs to a background, hold your head up (through gritted teeth), Wyatt please come over here and do another one, EVERYONE LOOK AT THE CAMERA, my mother will be ashamed of the quality of these photos, everyone gets a turn with the remote, stop whining, get your hand off my face, COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW photoshoot in my bedroom after a morning workout with the day before's makeup and gross workout hair and no time to do any kind of editing other than what was already poorly done.  Please, prepare yourself for laughter.... and you're welcome!


  1. You don't need to preface these photos with anything other than this: "I am a beautiful, strong, loving mother who inspires every person I know." That's the truth, girlie. LOVE YOU!! And can't frickin' wait until HTC!!!!!!!

    1. LOVE YOU, Molly! I CANNOT wait to get out there with you. A time in my life I will never forget and ALWAYS be thankful for. So glad I get to spend the time with you!!!!

  2. I am sooooo excited for you!!! You can do this!! I believe in you! I can't wait to see your progress and join you in this amazing journey!!! XOXO

    1. Yahu, your support means the world to me. You've been by my side for some time and I appreciate it so much. You inspire me daily! Updates to come, my sweet friend!!

  3. You are SO inspiring!! I can relate to so much of this post. Your long list of excuses hits home. I've been there. For about 7 years I had a similar list going and just thought if I didn't "look" overweight I was ok. I was missing out on so much and letting life just pass me by.

    I say go for it! Once I opened up to the possibility that anything was possible if I just started working towards it SO many doors have opened.

    Here are two ideas to promote health/ fitness at church: A few years ago we did a Wednesday night Ladies class at church called Fit for the King. I had been wanting to incorporate taking care of our body (health and fitness) with scripture. I more or less coordinated and put it together but had the right people come in to speak. We had a very good nutritionist who went to our church so I asked her to speak for 20 minutes or so on various topics. (We went over the schedule and planned out the top 12 topics since it was a 12 week class.) Then I had another lady who is a good devo speaker tie in the topic with a scripture verse or two. The three of us met before the class started and planned out each night what we would go over, etc. Sometimes we sang a song or two. We closed with a prayer. I just filled in gaps when needed and passed out the hand-outs that the nutritionist had. Everyone kept little notebooks. We had the highest Wednesday night ladies class attendance ever that quarter. Like 4 times what it usually was. I really promoted the class on FB and with signs around the building so I'm sure that helped. What woman doesn't want to be physically and spiritually fit?

    Also around the time we started a running and walking club. I made a group on FB for our church and at first we did have different groups meeting to run together. Now it is used more for communication about races and training but I'm just glad it's being used. I had a friend who met to run with a group because I simply didn't have time to run my workouts PLUS go again with another group of beginners. My workout time is limited (you know how that goes) so it helped that my friend who also went to my church could take over the running group.

    Sorry to ramble on forever. :-) You've got a lot of great things in store for 21013 and I'm proud of you for throwing out all the excuses! The sky is the limit!!

  4. You are awesome. Seriously.
    My girlfriend competed in body building and won. It was a lot of work and dicipline but know what? She learned so much about herself.
    I say go on with your bad self.
    PS. I want your thighs...abs....everything.

  5. Wow, Tayarra! That is a long (and legitimate) list of excuses. Given that list, it is amazing you are able to do even half the stuff you do. What an inspiration you are to others who claim they don't have time! I am so excited to follow you on this new adventure!! Something about strutting on stage in a bikini and high heels sounds absolutely terrifying to me and yet I know you will do awesome. And how fun to share this with your sister! Please keep us posted on your progress and how one goes from bring the badass that you already are to the badass who will flex her muscles on stage. I'm so curious to learn about this sport that I currently know nothing about!

  6. Wohooo way to go, lady! I'll be cheering for you from the other side of the world. You are lookin' fantastic. Dude, I want your arms and abs and legs hahaha. You inspired me more than you know. God bless you in your new journey.



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