Monday, January 14, 2013

Feeling It Today

Get up

Live your life
Stop listening to your own excuses
Forget what happened yesterday
Start fresh today and do the things you do that make you you and make you great
They say there is no hope for you
You don’t have a chance
What’s your hate and anger doing for you
Where is it taking you
Maybe someone else just might know what they are talking about
The blood that runs through your veins doesn’t hold your destiny
You do
Only You
What makes you great
What strives in your mind
What thoughts do you waste
Stop blaming this world, your place
Where are your gifts
What do you have to offer this world
How are you making it better
And get up stronger
Why do you think God chose you
To do what
Reach for more
Get up and work for it

GET UP and WORK for IT

I have enough thought, motivation, determination, willingness, strength to conquer the world today. It feels good to have that feeling back.


  1. You put into words how i have felt recently. Love your free verse :)
    "what thoughts do you waste?"
    "get up STRONGER"
    Making that mine.

  2. It is so important to try even if you feel you might fail.

  3. I absolutely love this. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Love this, Tayarra! My favorite: "Try, Fail, Get up stronger." LOVE.

    Also love "where are your gifts, what do you have to offer this world, how can you make it better."

    Beautiful words and a beautiful message on this Monday! I am feeling it today, too!! How are your evening workouts going so far?

  5. Amen! Love T. Especially the part about asking yourself what your gifts are and what you have to offer. Why? for what? to be YOU. And that's all we can do. Be the best us. And you're inspiring others in the process.



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