Friday, January 18, 2013

This Guy I Love and Cravings For More

I'm thankful for my husband's heart.  I wish I could share his words, but I won't.  Sometimes I wish people knew him the way I know him.  The way he lets only me or his boys see.  He's quiet.  Sometimes he seems like a jerk.  But, it's a misunderstanding.  Wait, sometimes he can be a jerk, but less times than I can be a bitch. 

He's a good man, this one.  For the way he helps, loves, feels, acts.  For the things he says and for the things he doesn't.  For his faith and his strength.  For what he sees and how he believes.  For where he came and what he instills.  For the ones that call out his name and fall to tears once he leaves their sight.  For being our world.  The one that controls the moods, holds us together, leads us down the paths he's being led.  For everything he is and for everything he is not. 

I'm thankful he chose me.  And regardless of what he believes I fell for him because of him, not because of his abilities in sports in our younger years.  I didn't settle with this one.  I completely believe he was the one made for me.  

Some sickness hit our house this week.  Me - headache and just a queasy stomach, which I feared would soon turn into something much more horrifying despite my flu shot.  So far, so good.  I believe the headache was from my first ever eye exam.  So sorry for you all that are visually impaired.  Blurry vision = not cool.  I pushed my workout that night and I think that was the thing that sealed the deal, headache for two days. 
Weston ran a fever yesterday and has some respiratory stuff going on.  The poor thing was pathetic when his fever hit.  He was miserable.  I held him as much as he would let me.  And yes, I babied the crap out of him and he totally knows it and so do I.  We're good with it.  Once his fever was down he wanted nothing to do with acting sick.  Full board after that.  He seems a lot better today. 
The other two haven't gotten anything just yet.  Let's hope it stays that way. 

Workouts - I don't know, I'm torn between liking them at night and not.  I love getting up and getting a massive workout done and feeling accomplished for the day, but getting up so early was killing me.  I like knowing that when dinner is done and bath is done my night is done.  Not so much anymore.  I feel like I'm rushing all night and my day isn't done until I'm actually laying in bed.  I guess I'm better off that way.  I'm making more time for wrestling and fake fighting and reading books to the boys.  But, if just all feels so rushed and happens so quickly.  I'm still working on my emotions settling a bit instead of getting wrapped up in the chaos of making it all work out.  I think that will always be something I will need to work on. 

A glimpse...

Yeah, I'm fun to live with sometimes. I'm working on it.  I promise!

The workouts are going well, minus missing a day this week because I thought it was better to let my headache pass and my stomach settle a bit.  I think that helped me.  I can't say enough about learning to listen to your body and not feel guilty about it.  I know some people say that you never regret a workout, but I think I would have regretted that one the next day, big time.  I know when I push beyond being smart about it I suffer. 

The workouts in general, I feel myself wanting more.  I know P90x is a great workout, but I want to sweat and in my cold, dirty basement it takes a lot to get me sweating.  I just sweat more eating my left over semi-spicy soup than I did last night doing back and bi's.  Maybe I'm just not pushing hard enough?  Maybe I'm just craving cardio like I crave chocolate?  Running makes me sweat buckets no matter the temp and minutes into the run.  The lifting hard then switching to something more full body or core focused the next day takes some time to get used to.  I want a week of full blown hard workouts and then 1 recovery day and 1 rest day.  That's the way I like to work, but I'm going to trust the process and if I'm not happy with the results I will switch it up next time around. 

How much do you like to sweat? 
What gets you sweating the most?
Lets here it about those significant others, name one thing you absolutely LOVE about them?

I know my posts have been a lot of updates lately.  I think I'm finally starting to feel a "writing itch" again. Maybe I'll be inspired here soon.  Happy weekend! 


  1. I absolutely love my morning runs and workouts, but mostly because I am able to wait till the sun comes up, and I am not rushing out to a day job. Working at home on my Shaklee business is so awesome and I am blessed to have my own business. I've been full time now for 20 yrs.......WOW! Before that however, I worked in a CHEMISTRY Lab and yes It was a struggle getting up at 4:30 every morning to get my runs in etc. IN got to be a chore. SO I love my career in SHaklee.

    I too am SO SO SO in Love. I think what I love most about Rob is he's always so happy to see me when he comes home from work. He loves kissing me in the mornings, in the evenings, and his hugs....I just know he loves me. I feel so loved....and I want him to know I love him. Even when I am crabby he loves me....

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  4. Your words about your husband are so sweet. I feel the same about mine. It's such a blessing to have a strong partner to stand by us, we are very lucky :)



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